Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor or Salman Khan – who can be Deepika Padukone’s Mr Perfect? Vote now!

Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor or Salman Khan – who can be Deepika Padukone’s Mr Perfect? Vote now!
Yogen Shah

The Happy New Year actor has refused to come out in the open about her love relationships after her much talked about break-up with the Rockstar lad. But if she is single, as she insists, who would be the right match for her? You tell us!

Deepika Padukone is single. At least, that is what the actor has been telling the media and everybody else who wants to know. While industry insiders suggest strongly that she is romantically involved with her Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela co-star Ranveer Singh, Dippy has maintained that she will not speak of her love or make a relationship official until she’s absolutely sure about it and it has a future. So while we wait, we decided to pick possibles to be Ms Padukone’s Mr Perfect. Take a look at a few Bollywood actors who might make a perfect match for Dippy – and vote to tell us who you think would fit the bill…

Salman Khan: The eternal bachelor of Bollywood is not looking for relationship or marriage, but you never know what will happen when true love strikes. Salman and Deepika have a lot in common – apart from the fact that the exes of both are dating each other, the Jai Ho dude and the Chennai Express babe are extremely good looking, successful and are members of the mutual admiration club. While Deepika is a self confessed homebird who loves to do chores and believes in homely values, Khan has said that he wants a gharelu gal. And they could have more to share, once they spend time together, hai na? But their love affair could jeopardise her special bond with Shahrukh Khan…unless of course Sallu’s onstage dosti translates to off-stage bonding, of course.

Shahid Kapoor: While Sasha has been unlucky in love, he is very single, he says, just like the Ram-Leela babe. We remember when the duo came together backstage at the Star Guild Awards a few years ago. Sparks flew. Everybody wondered if the twosome would be seen on the silver screen. Considering the fact that Shahid shared a long term relationship with Kareena Kapoor (now Khan), Deepika could replace the Kapoor babe in real life just like she did in Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela and may do in Bajirao Mastani. Perhaps Shahid could start dating the heroine No 1 again to boost his shaky Bollywood career.

Ranbir Kapoor: The Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani jodi moved on from their controversial, much-hyped break-up to romance successfully, but only onscreen. Both Ranbir and Deepika have put their pasts behind and moved on. Dippy has always said that she shares a special bond with RK Jr, while the Kapoor lad has talked about how fond he is of the Ram-Leela babe. While DP still has her RK tattoo intact, she has said that she should start thinking of something about it; their coming back together would mean that Ms Padukone can continue to flaunt her tattoo. We also hear that the Ranbir-Katrina Kaif relationship is in trouble, which means RK could be single again sooner rather than later. So is a reconciliation with the ex gonna happen?

Ranveer Singh: He has gone ga-ga about Deepika to the point that we hear that she had to issue a diktat for the Gunday actor to follow: no more loose talk, no more PDA. While many suspect that their real-life chemistry was only to promote their film Goliyon ki Rasleela Ram-Leela, buzz is that love is still in the air for the duo who recently secretly holidayed in New York. Their actions and pictures speak louder than their words and they have been spotted often in each other’s company. Will their chupke-se pyaar make it to the mandap? We do have doubts, but let’s see aage aage hota hai kya!

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  • suldaan maxamad

    Mizz Deepika i actually like u but ranbir is such good heart boy that’s all what i am gonna say

    • sonia

      Ranbir is an idiot.. who fell for an OLD hag Katrina who is 42 years old.

    • Rahman


  • Mehua

    Crappy article.


    she is old hag and look bad with every1

    • sonia

      MAGII.. she could be your daughter’s age.
      are you a kat fan? Let me guess.. its because you think katrina’s last name is really KAIF.. meaning you think she is MUSLIM right? thats why you hate her?
      Idiot.. kat is a Jew. Her real last name is Torquotte


        for ur kind information, i read in college and stop abusing ok

      • Ramsha

        Technically, stating that deepika is a hag does not imply that this person is a kat fan….once again you based your answer on a stereotype resulting in exhibiting your intolerance and illiteracy.Moreover, the fact that you had to bring in muslims into your “rant” shows how little your tolerance is for any religion. The next time you want to insult someone for no reason whatsoever, kindly ensure your facts are present :)

  • sonia

    Shahid would be a such a sexy and romantic pair with deepika.. omgg.. cant begin to imagine it!

  • desigirl424

    Ranbir and Deepika look awesome, but off-screen, ranveer seems more genuine, sweet, and caring for Deeps. don’t know about shahid and salman though.

  • fahein

    Salman is d best,ofcourse….but v dont want 2 c salman wid deepika,atleast i dont want 2 c..Uske liye
    Ranbir hi thik rahega…..

  • shreya

    Ranbir is too good for this black b***h. Go to hell with ur lafanga ranveer

    • priya

      U r b***h ,Deepika is too good for that idiot Ranbir ,so u and ur arrogant Ranbir and cat go to hell

      • shreya

        Deepika is a kaam wali bai and u are a sl*t

    • unknown

      black..!!!! so what?????? black skin has not any crime. so you have rights to use abuse word for her!!!! black skin girl ek actress nahi ban sakti kya???? only white screen have only rights to become a actress and success…….means you think that ” deppika not deserve perfect partner or suceessfull carrer only becoz of she is black………” every time hatres always abused deepika with word “black”….black also beauty…duniya mein her koy beutiful hai agar aapka ka dekhne ka nazzariya beautiful hai…..

      • shreya

        I dont have problem with her being black but then if she is so proud of her skin tone then why the hell she endorses fairness creams? She should learn from ranbir who despite being so fair refuses to endorse fairness creams bcz he finds them racist

        • Dhruvi

          Ohh miss shreya !! Deepika is not at all black. Check your eyes babe. She has a fantastic skin tone. N kaamwali bai?? Shut up. Reach deepika’s level first and then insult her. N stop using abusive language. It shows your class

          • Guest

            agree with you…….i don’t understand someone hates dippy so why interested in dippy’s gossip and news…and comment on her….

          • shreya

            F**k off

          • Dhruvi

            Same pinch sweetheart !!

          • shreya

            Okay b***h

        • unknown

          everyone come mumbai for carrer and stardum …for commercial success and competition this needs…….. money is important for everyone …deepika endorse fairness cream so what???? to stay on competition and b-wood, need to work is neccessary….you have not any proffesonial knowledge……….

          ranbir is hero…he rejects not effects his ..becoz he is actor

          and very important deepika is actress bollywood gives actress less money compare to hero….

          endoresments is best for actress for competition and earn money….

          • shreya

            Hahaha giving illogical reasons now. She is not poverty stricken that she has to stoop to this level

          • unknown

            what illogical in this?? don’t understand what you say?? you only show your immuture mind!!! think paractical !!!! and be practical !!!! what you say about level!! who are you ???? to decides level??

      • dippy

        That’s slot katrina is nothing but white porn trash.

    • nervends

      I think you need to see a psychiatrist. You have deep negative feelings towards Deepika which can only be defined as unadulterated jealousy. May I warn you that jealousy is an emotion that eats you up. It destroys you slowly but surely – from within.

  • Rashmi

    Ranveer Singh anyday is a perfect n ultimate match for Deepika..<3

  • Mahnoor

    Salman n dips are both great but it’s just the age difference but other wise they’ll be great the rest r good

  • Elli # 2

    sonia #2

  • Elli # 2

    my sisters name is sonia #2 and we both think that Shahid will be a good husband for her because he is so cute

  • bela

    Shahid would be best as he has always been committed boyfriend and dips dont beleive in casual relationship. Their relationship ‘ll be long lasting…

  • Anisah

    RABIR KAPOOR because u both r made for each other

  • mho

    all of then iven salman

  • omar

    Salman is the best of the best