Ranveer Singh, Sushant Singh Rajput, Sidharth Malhotra: Who will be the next item kid on the new block?

Posted Mon, February 25, 2013 1:41pm IST

While the lovely ladies continue to gyrate seductively to catchy numbers, the ‘men’ of B-town are also trying a (raunchy) step or two to break into this glitzy world of ‘items’. But which of the newest imports to B-town fits this haute and happening bill?

Initially, when those one-off masala number in movies came to be termed as the item song, we assumed that this would be the space populated by the sizzling ladies of tinseltown. Then came along Hrithik Roshan in Krazzy 4 and Shahrukh Khan in Shakti to break our stereotypically coloured bubble.

Gradually, as the item song became as necessary as the script of the movie itself, we saw other B-town hunks like Ranbir Kapoor (Chillar Party), Aamir Khan (Delhi Belly), Salman Khan (recently in Son Of Sardaar) et al lending dates to the shooting of such sacrosanctly spicy numbers. And now we see fresh, sometimes even unknown faces and of course figures of item girls popping up in this realm. And we can’t help but worry about the guys who will hold the stage in near future. Perhaps we shouldn’t worry, ‘coz there are plenty of young lads with twinkling toes finding their way into B-town these days…no? But could they pass the test to become an ‘item bwuoy’?

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  • injilajabeen

    i vote 4 sidharth malhotra..:))

  • Tina

    Sidharth Malhotra has that special charm that no has nor ever can…and so what if he is not the greatest dancer..he can learn but nobody can be as charming as him! Luv Mr. PERFECT

  • anki

    Sidharthhh malhotra i love youu :*:*:*:*

  • sanrika malhotra

    I love you sidharth … Mwahzzzzz … Hope u win … Big wala hugs and kisses … Love u loads sidharth malhotra …. Our gorgeous and perfect cutiepie

  • sanrika malhotra

    Love u mr perfect sidharth malhotra , i voted for u loads of love , my love and support ιѕ always with u .. Mwahhhhh … Ratta maar , hope u win sweetheart kukkad <3 :*****

  • sush fan

    sush iz d best…he is just toooooo hot..and what 2 say about his acting and dancing skill….luv u guggu..:)

  • Aniket Roy

    Sushant Singh Rajput rockssss

  • pranav

    i vote for siddharth malhotra

  • T

    Sushant is the best….he did an amazing debut in bollywood..Way to go…u r born dancer n actor…gud luck..Manav…uf…Ishaan..uff SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT

  • akanksha dhawan

    I vote for Varun Dhawan… Don’t knw why his name hasn’t been mentioned…. He’s the best dancer among all newbies……and Sidharth…duh..he can’t even stand properly forget about dancing

    • trish

      Varun dhawan can’t even stand in front pf sidharth malhotra..Sid is so gudluking and wat a personality he has..varun dhawan lacks all the quality that an actor shud possess n God his voice is so irritating!!

      • TB

        The ‘quality’ that an actor should posses is – ACTING. Sid should be thrown out of Bollywood because he lacks the one thing an actor requires. Varun, Sushant, Arjun and Ayushman are the future because they can ACT!

        • trish

          Who told u sidharth can’t act..it seems u haven’t seen soty..n u talking about varun dhawan he is a star kind,has contacts in industry that’s why he managed to grab films varna koi poochta bhi naa..anyways mark my words sidharth will b next superstar after Srk!!!

          • tb

            Lol how’d I know that Varun can act if I hadn’t seen SOTY? Siddharth’s acting is abysmal. We all know what kind of ‘contact’ Sid made to get his movies, so please. At least, Varun is deserving of the roles he is getting.

        • trish

          That’s really sick..I don’t want to start an.argument here..sidharth is the next superstar n it’s evident by d fact that he has a huge fanbase.so u better keep ur thoughts wid u..aise hi thodi naa he leads all polls

          • TB

            lol sorry, not sorry. I am not going to keep myself from expressing my opinions because it hurts a few blind fans’ sentiments.

        • trish

          Sad to see ppl like u who believe in tarnishing the image of others.Ppl like u only believe in the crap these websites n media writes n never uses their own brain..lol :-P

      • rinika

        I agree
        Varun is like a kid in front of Sidharth..
        I just dont even notice him in front of sid

        • trish

          Thanx for supporting deserving sidharth malhotra:-)

  • niharika kashyap

    siddharth is my favourite.in fact he is most deserving among all new commers.

  • fernandes roger

    it vry best dat new young stars is coming and even vry nice story movie new generation .,.,.,.,. 2013….

  • sushant

    sushant singh rajput

  • Dulumani Barman

    Sushant is the best.

  • punit

    sushant is not best he is very very best i like u very much

  • kusum

    i vote for sushant. SSR u r d real rockstar of bollywood luv u sir.

  • vicky

    i vote for sushant. He is best and talented star………

  • Arpana

    Sushant believes in performing whole heartedly…..i vote for sush…..he’s da BEST ……Love Sush!!!!!!

    It felt soooo nyc to see in the beginning of kaipoche…
    ” Introducing Sushant Singh Rajput”

    Awesome actor.

  • trish

    One thing more sidharth has an amazing screen presence which varun lacks..all girls like sidharth malhotra..proved :-)

  • mayuri agrawal

    Sushant is d best perfmer and perfect rockstar and as everyone saying he is the next big thing in bw

  • sushma singh

    i vote for sushant singh rajput.he is d best……………….

  • sunain

    RANVEER SINGH! of course hes super talented, but it will be a great treat to have him do an item number as well as opposed to always wowing us with his incredible performances

  • Krinitha Magesh

    SIDDHARTH MALHOTRA!!!!…He’s 2 good:D

  • pink

    Sidharth is d best..so goodlooking n handsome..he is thee future of Bollywood ppl..

  • nihar

    SSR z d nxt srk….mind ittttttt

  • anjel

    sid is the bestttt **
    he will be btown love u sid god bless uuuu n all the best 4ever