RASCALS movie review: Bollywood hits a new low with mindless entertainment

RASCALS movie review: Bollywood hits a new low with mindless entertainment

Though David Dhawan films are beyond reviews and criticism of any kind, Rascals is mind-numbing torture from opening scene to end credits

The film begins with an animation sequence where both the main characters – the rascals – - played by Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn are explained. That is where the film should have ended, because once it starts it just doesn’t seem to stop. Rascals is about two conmen, Chetan Chauhan (Dutt) and Bhagat Bhosle (Devgn). They begin by conning each other and then fall in love with the same girl, who cons them in return. That’s exactly what the film is about, sort of like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Bollywood-ishtyle, but it goes on and on till you doze off in sheer self-defence or decide to walk out in protest. The biggest downslide comes courtesy music director-duo Vishal-Shekhar, who try too hard to fit into the David Dhawan zone but fail miserably. Both Sanjay and Ajay ham all the way through and are joined by Kangna Ranaut, who re-defines ‘hamming’. Lisa Haydon shows off as much skin as the Censor Board would allow in a film without giving it an ‘A’ certificate. Kangna is felt up by the rascals almost every time she appears in a frame with either or both of them; there are scenes where you can see her getting annoyed about the sexual harassment. And then there are rhyming punchlines, sexual innuendos, forced action sequences, off colour jokes on the visually challenged, racist comments, naked yoga, art of giving, cloaked abuses, drunken tomfoolery – in short, Rascals is exactly the kind of film that the masses save their hard-earned money for. As a producer, Sanjay Dutt will roll in gold, with additional thanks to the festive season. Be prepared for the announcement of a sequel soon.

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  • shekhar

    mahabakwas movie

    • shweta

      your reviews are so true! finally got some site who gives exact quality reviews! keep it up!

  • amir khan

    rascal tum sach me RASCALS ho

  • shivam

    rascal tum to pagal ho

  • sanjay bhs

    What a bad movie , I wasted my rs 40 , sanjay dutt should pay me to watch this movie,i want my money back triple for giving me such torch-er, so bad comedy ,it is forced ,unfunny comedy for not more then 3 years children s,These Celebrities think that they will make whatever and make money by fooling people , watch this movie if you r actor in Rascal , or want to waste your money , mind ,time your common sense , don’t watch if u get free tickets, if you get ticket give it to your biggest enemy ghisey pitay comedy dialogs , faltu comedy , mujhey ghussa aa raha hai , many of them were waiting movie to end , but it never ends.many people where angry there in theater , I regret so much, even if I watched this movie for rs 40 I still feel I wasted so much money on this , time and my brain because of these torture they should pay us rs 400 to watch these movie , some where spitting on screen and some one was going to P I S S. on the screen because of the torture that movie gave but others stopped him , i have better stayed at home and watched taarak mehta or other comedy serial better then spending so much money , or have spend time with friends , or see force or shaib biwi or gangster, SOUNDTRACK is awesome movie.

    • poonam

      Really its truly and heartly made MAHABAKWAS Movie . .
      stay away from the multiplexes where this show in !!!

  • mehjabeen

    its a dragging n boring film


    quite good