Ratan Ka Rishta: Rejected Shoaib re-enters Swayamwar

Shoaib Syed, whom Ratan Rajpoot had thrown out of the show for his ‘bad behaviour’, will return tonight

Ratan Rajpoot is in a fix. She has chosen her top three grooms, but now there is a twist in the tale. Shoaib Syed, the Delhi boy she had rejected, is now back as a wild card entrant and is asking for her forgiveness. Shoaib and Ratan had a huge fight after they had done a photoshoot together with Avinash Gowariker. Ratan alleged that Shoaib had crossed the boundaries of friendship and made her feel really uncomfortable during the shoot. She then had Shoaib eliminated from her swayamvar. But now he is back, and Ratan has to decide if she is willing to forgive him. And if she does, will the viewers forgive her? Her tears had women all over the country who had gone through similar experiences rooting for her. By forgiving Shoaib, will she lose their support? What do you think? Will she lose yours? Tell us!