Ratan Rajpoot engaged! But the wedding must wait

A guarded and well-spoken Ratan turns coy as her television swayamwar ends with her choosing Delhi’s Abhinav Sharma

Television actor Ratan Rajpoot finally chose her life partner as the Imagine show Ratan Ka Rishta came to quite a dramatic end last night. She decided to get attached to 27-year-old Delhi-based software developer Abhinav Sharma. But, interestingly, the show that was supposed to end in marriage actually ended with the couple choosing to only get engaged at this point. A shy Ratan said that she and her beau wanted to enjoy their engagement period for a while and get to know each other better before they tied the knot. Another reason for the delay was that her fiancé Abhinav had asked for a few months so that he could shift base to Mumbai – apparently Ratan is not keen on quitting her acting career to move to Delhi just yet. Abhinav said, “Ratan has taken this decision for me. We had discussed this before during the show and Ratan understands my situation.” Well, the last time a couple (Rakhi Sawant and NRI businessman Elesh Parujanwala) on this show asked for more time, their relationship wandered off track into never-never land! Let’s see if Ratan and Abhinav do go all the way to the mandap or change their minds long before they get there. Whatever they do, it’s all a matter of trying to send those TRPs soaring, no?

Watch Ratan and Abhinav talk about each other and show off their rings here.