Posted Wed, September 26, 2012 5:40pm IST

The television actor will be seen playing a strong Dalit girl in Lakhon Mein Ek on Star Plus. Set to fight against all odds and step into the shoes of a social worker, Ratan is geared up to do a power-packed role

Ratan Rajput’s new show will be aired from September 30 on Star Plus. We will be seeing the babe after almost a year making her presence felt on the small screen. So although her relationship with the winner of Ratan Ka Swayamwar – Abhinav Sharma – went kaput (honestly, we expected that!), we are glad that her TV career is going pretty smooth. She’s a decent actor, after all, and TV definitely needs people with good thespian skills. Rajput said in a recent interview that the story of her new show revolves around a girl whose father is incessantly trying to kill her. But despite all the problems, the Dalit girl excels in her studies and manages to follow her dream of doing something for society.

Looks like Ratan fans will finally get to watch their favourite actor sizzle on the small screen yet again. Our only grouse is, why did she have to be a part of a seedy reality show like Swayamvar! Well, we guess money makes some people go to any damn extent!