Rati Agnihotri’s son, Tanuj Virwani: Mom taught me to be patient

Newcomer in the Bollywood film industry Tanuj Virwani, who will next be seen in the film Purani Jeans, says he is determined to make it a success in Bollywood

After debuting in Bollywood with flop film Luv U Soniyo, the actor, 35, decided to challenge himself by taking up a difficult role in his upcoming film Purani Jeans.

Tanuj Virwani says his mother, yesteryear Bollywood actor Rati Agnihotri, taught him to be patient when his first film did not work. “It is the most important thing to succeed in the industry. There are times when it’s been a year and nothing is happening, but my mother said that in order to be successful, one needs to be patient and hard-working,” said Tanuj.

Purani Jeans, directed by Tanushri Chattrji Bassu, is a modern day film with Tanuj in the lead role of an unhappy investment banker. With a cast of fresh faces, the movie will involve a lot of jumps from various days between 1996 to 2008. It is slated to release on May 1. “It’s a coming of age journey about a man. He is an investment banker living in New York. He is a very unhappy man. He realises during the course of the film that he has taken many decisions in life which are not good,” he said.

“He then decides to try to change his past by going to his hometown in Kasauli. There is a lot of jumps from various days between 1996 to 2008,” he added.

However, portraying two separate lives was taxing for Tanuj“It was quite a challenge. It’s almost like I am playing a double role. So it was not just about altering your make-up, but your body language and acting,” he said.