Ravi Chopra clears his debts and saves the iconic BR House

Filmmaker Ravi Chopra has managed to clear all his debts just in time to save his father’s landmark bungalow from being auctioned…and he had help, we are told!

BR Chopra was a legendary Bollywood producer who made larger than life movies in his time. However, the deceased producer may not have thought even in his dreams that years down the line, the story of how his son managed to save the legacy he built would read like a racy movie script from his own production house!

The Chopras faced a mountain of debt and needed to pay off creditors for an enormous sum amounting to Rs 32 crore. At risk were the iconic BR House in Juhu and several other properties….all until last week. BR Chopra’s son Ravi Chopra managed, in the nick of time, just before the deadline ended on 20th April, to clear all the accumulated debts and save the house. The rest…we wait to find out more about.

And it could be that he had a little help in this battle. There is talk that his estranged cousin Aditya Chopra, scion of the Yash Raj Films studio and son of the late Yash Chopra helped Ravi to rescue his uncle’s legacy from the clutch of creditors by talking to various banks to secure a loan. However, neither Aditya nor Ravi has divulged anything on the matter. Whatever the story behind this drama may be, even as we respect the privacy of the family, we can’t help being curious and eager to find out more.

But we must add, we’re not gonna be surprised at all if Adi did step in. After all, it’s all about the family!