Rekha: I’m just blessed by being born one day apart from Amitji

She’s mysterious, an enigma that not many have access to

Rekha was in a tell all mood recently, when quizzed about her Silsila co-star Amitabh Bachchan the actor couldn’t just stop gushing praises…

‘‘I’m just blessed by being born one day apart from him. To be able to understand his interpretation of his craft, character, impulse is nothing short of karmic. The beauty of it is that Amitji is totally oblivious of his power and potential. Look how he relates to his contestants on Kaun Banega Crorepati. Amitji’s upbringing, his character he brings to bear. You just soak in and bask in all that learning. He’s like a textbook. He’s made whatever he touches larger than what it is meant to be. I see him on a daily basis. We get to see the person behind his true to life performances. His constant flow of positive energy, his pure compassion for his fellow country men ensures the fact that he is the true-blue son of India. When Amitji is switched on, it’s not reality TV, it’s real TV.  Be it Paa or …Crorepati, I feel positive seeing what he makes us all feel. Through all his trials and tribulations, he’s emerged triumphant. May he live to be a 100 and continue to bless us lesser mortals. Allah agar taufiq na dein…insaan ke bas ka kaam nahin, Faizan-e-mohabbat aam sahi…irfaane mohabbat aam nahin.’’