Rekha turns into a nagging diva for a chocolate advertisement!

The yesteryear superstar returns to the small screen with her latest commercial that also features Urmila Matondkar. While the Khoobsurat actor is seen showcasing her dramatic side, the Rangeela babe throws her starry attitude!

We got a sweet surprise when we saw Rekha, after a long time, in a refreshingly different avatar. The mega-star is seen endorsing the famous chocolate brand Snickers, in this new advertisement. How hunger pangs make people turn into cranky, finicky and restless individuals like our typecast Bollywood heroines, is the core message of this fun television commercial. So when one young cricket player gets hungry, he turns into Rekha and starts showing a starry attitude. As soon as he is offered Snickers, he gets satisfied and comes back to his normal self. But now the chap who is on the wheel gets hungry and he turns into Urmila Matondkar and starts throwing oodles of attitude. Hunger acche acche ko badal deta hai goes the tag line.

We stumbled upon the original (American) advertisement for Snickers in which Rekha’s character was played by Aretha Franklin, and Urmila’s role was enacted by Hollywood’s Liza Minneli. Though it was good to see the two actors in a hatke commercial, we found Rekha acting a bit over the top and dramatic. Urmila though has portrayed the heroine attitude with ease. The only difference between the two commercial – the US one and its Hindi replica is that, in the original, the guys turn into complaining ‘divas’ to nag others whereas in the Hindi commercial, the young players change into nagging ‘heroines’ and start bickering in our very own Bollywood ishtyle!

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