Remo D’Souza plans to make a documentary on Any Body Can Dance actors

The Faltu director wants to create a short film based on his movie ABCD’s actors

For a choreographer to turn filmmaker and that too, a successful one, takes a hell of hard work and luck. Ask Remo D’Souza about it. The celebrity reality show judge danced his way to fame with his popular choreography and later made his mark as a filmmaker with his debut rom-com Faltu. So with his next ambitious dance flick Any Body Can Dance, Remo plans to release a documentary on the life and personal struggles of the dancer-turned-actors who are a part of this film.

By doing this, Remo wants his audiences, especially the young aspiring dancers to know about their personal struggles and journey, which has eventually made them a successful name now. “Remo will record his comments on each actor and incorporate it in behind-the-scenes footage of the film. He will then release it once the film hits theatres next year,” a source close to the filmmaker said.

Remo is a success story himself and wethinks he’s doing a good job by encouraging and promoting young talent. Keep it up Remo!