Resul Pookutty denies saying ‘Satyamev Jayate’ was ‘manipulated’!

A while ago we heard that the Oscar-winning sound specialist said that Aamir Khan’s television show was doctored. Now he insists that that was not what he meant. Eh?

We’ve all watched Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate with varying degrees of emotion threatening to spill over by way of tears. And according to Resul Pookutty, it can be blamed on the manipulation of audience’s reaction and the sad background score. “What I was trying to do was explain the difference between a live show, or a debate show and a show like Satyamev Jayate. I was talking about designing sound mainly for films and narratives. We design sound, so that the audience’s emotions are manipulated. We want the audience to laugh at some point, to cry at some point. For example, take a background score based on ragas that has an element of pathos to it. Now, if we put that into a sad scene, it enhances the sadness of the scene,” Pokutty clarifies.

Hmmm, that means the real credit for the dil ko lagne waali baat actually goes to the impeccable mixing of sounds? Errr…that’s what Resul is saying, no? And maybe he is right. But guess that’s necessary to make people sit up and take notice of certain issues that would have otherwise just passed by had they been packaged in a boring, matter-of-fact way. So what’s the fuss, Pookutty?

Do you think Aamir Khan did wrong by tweaking the audience’s reactions and using the background music to best effect? Tell us, dear readers, what do you think?