Revealed: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s baby Aradhya’s look

Fri, June 15, 2012 6:05pm IST by
Revealed: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s baby Aradhya’s look

She’s got the best of her mom and dad’s physical features, we hear. But we ain’t believing anything until we see her ourselves!

The Bachchans have tried hard to ensure that baby Aaradhya’s face remains hidden from fans, but alas, one kind deed almost ruined all their efforts. We now know some interesting bits about Aaradhya’s looks. Or so we think.

It all happened when Aishwarya Rai Bachchan took her baby along when she went shopping in London a few days ago. A fan who spotted her requested her for an autograph. Aishwarya was kind enough to sign one for the fan, but didn’t realise that she was giving her admirer an inadvertent peek at Aaradhya’s face. The fan immediately took to Twitter to tell the whole world about the baby’s looks. Aaradhya, claims the tweet, is as fair as her mom, but doesn’t have Ash’s eyes. The baby has her father’s brown eyes. Seems like a beautiful combo, doesn’t it? No wonder the Bachchans are keeping her away from the prying eyes of the media. Poor Ash. We are sure she never dreamed that one kind act she did for a fan would have such repercussions. We just hope it doesn’t stop her from being kind to her other, more understanding fans. Like us, for instance, who would really like to wait and find out more about the infant from her own family!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Liaqat H Malik

    Kids are like gifts awarded by GOD ( Bhagwaan ) to the parents and thats what is an open secret, therefore, there is not any specific reason to hide the new borns from those who are keen to see them and then say good praying words for the child.Yet, I agree that its parent’s preference what they decide is good for their child and for themselves.

    • pinto

      but bachan’s baby is different…there are lots of haters out there…they are simply protecting the child…and these paparazzis can get crazy while snapping photos. and these flashes can harm baby’s eyes (imagine 100+ cameras flashing at you)..its the same way as how beyonce jay-z, charlize theron, sandra bullock, and all protect their few months old baby. of course they cant hide the baby for too long when they grow up. so, people just need to stop being haters, chill out and worry about own children first!!!

      • Goose, Moncks Corner

        Crazy Bachans agree with Renu, they have some reason first of all to hide like that, was she really pregnant or some other method was involved in this whole tamasha, I am not sure, not convinced fully that she carried the baby herself, and to add to this Abhishek was giving those stupid interviews along with his father people surely want to smack him in his face, so they wrote hate comments. Honest, truthful people never face this, but these deceiving dramatic act has a bad effect on everybody. Let them keep the baby hidden and enjoy for themselves.

  • Renu

    Why do people hide things,, guilt and shame.
    But as none of the Bachchans are guilty or ashamed , why hide their much awaited grandchild,

  • jess

    huh, lol maybe her daugther shining has a dimanod

  • savi

    hey yes the whole world wants to know abt the baby and the mother, people should leave them alone……. mind their own business.
    There is nothing great about anything in this world, they ash and abhi got married like any other human being, did it like anyother husband and wife, Ash got preg like any other women in the world went through the pains and labour and gained weight like any other women in the world, and would like to be to herself or may be there is nothing great to show off with the baby, so these commom things should be left out and people need to attend to their own problems.

  • Rinkesh talati

    This beby is very very qiut &
    ardhya very lucky bebi

  • neha

    see photos of aradhiya

  • anjali kushwaha

    i m sooo happy dat aish gave birth 2 a baby girl and named her ARADHYA… aishwarya realy means a lot in my life.. my morning starts with her dreams……