Revealed: Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s look from Jagga Jasoos!

Posted Mon, June 2, 2014 1:40pm IST

The love birds are sharing screen space for the third time after Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Rajneeti

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif‘s upcoming detective venture Jagga Jasoos is finally in motion. The film’s shoot had been postponed and readjusted many a times before because of Katrina and Ranbir’s respective film shoots, but finally the two are together and shooting at South Africa’s most favourite holiday destination Cape Town.

If we recall a few days back the duo was spotted mall hopping and partying in the exotic location, but all of that seems to be in the back seat once the shoot started. Jagga Jasoos marks the debut of Ranbir and Anurag Basu’s production house, Picture Shuru Productions.

If we look at the images, we can see that a clean shaven Ranbir looks good in the garb of a detective. He is seen wearing a coat (which incidentally is not the iconic Sherlock Holmes detective over coat) and looking towards something in the horizon and thinking hard over it. Also Katrina is seen wearing cute geeky glasses, which make her look like an assistant to the detective or some damsel in distress whom our detective might be saving.

Although we don’t know much about the storyline of the film, what we do know is that the film will release early next year. So hold onto your breath BollywoodLifers and keep watching this space for more scoop on Ranbir-Katrina’s detective saga.

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  • meghana

    hope the movie does welll…………….but it hink katrina is looking a little old!

    • najatlovekiss

      so fucking what, mined your own business, your so called Deepika who look like a transgender, go tell her that, and leave Katrina alone, the film will do better then you think, back off fool

      • Rohini

        Shut up! Stop praising Katrina all the time

        • euglo

          whether ranbir is dating katrina or not we leave it upto them but as far as you are concerened he will never marry you cause you speak like an obssesive idiot and I don’t think he will like you

        • najatlovekiss

          am so sorry to say you sound like a low life stupid person i have ever meet on internet

          • Rohini Verma

            I’m not stupid ok!
            You don’t even know how I feel and you don’t even know what love is

      • meghana

        and even i think should leave deepika alone!! im minding my own business and ur no1 to give me any advice!

        • najatlovekiss

          i have never meet someone on internet low life stupid person before, get a fuck out off Katrina life, and i will do the same,

    • Rohini

      She is!
      I love Ranbir only

  • hamsanat

    she will forever look too old for Ranbir

    • najatlovekiss

      and your Deepika will forever look like a man,

      • meghana

        that ur perspective only!!!!!!
        for many others its not like that!

        • najatlovekiss

          keep on dreaming

    • Rohini

      Exactly she is old. Its good he dumped her!
      People cannot say he didn’t because he did dump Katrina 5 months ago!
      Tarot readers don’t lie they said that Ranbir will break up with her

  • bebo


    • social butterfly

      Best of luck for the film. Fingers crossed….

  • EE

    Katrina has gained lot of weight , both of them don’t look the part of teenagers