Revealed: Tina Dutta’s starry tantrums on the sets of Uttaran

Revealed: Tina Dutta’s starry tantrums on the sets of Uttaran

If hush hush talks in the television fraternity are to be believed, Tina has been giving troublesome times on the sets of Uttaran

Tina Dutta has certainly won many hearts with her portrayal of sweet and innocent Meethi in Uttaran. However, the TV actress is a different personality altogether in real life, we hear.

If sources are to be believed, Tina is being too big for her boots these days. Why do we say so, you ask? Well, from what we hear, she has been giving a harrowing time to the stylist and dress designers on the show.

Tina virtually rejects all the clothes and saris given to her, asks for changes in the middle of the shoot and holds everyone ransom. And unfortunately, the channel can’t do much as she’s a lead of a hit show and a “big star”.

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  • shikha

    Hey get lost u bollywood life.she is a star of hearts only u people came with such news.. the people who meet her say other things

  • shayna

    What crappy nonsence u guys type. first of all no actor is bigger than a channel. If colors can show pratyusha the door when she was hugely popular among the masses they can also show tina the doors. Secondly you guys have no right to type such news about any actor without a proof. Are the producers and channel mad that they gave her double role? they have kept tina since 6 years till now because of her dedication and hard work. so stop spreading such rumours and such fake news and get lost….

  • kat

    Who cares what is she like outside of her acting sets, what is important to audience is what actress is she like, her talent and performance. I watch uttaran ONLY because of Tina and I find her acting skills amazingly good – excellent! Beautiful TINA – go girl!

    • shristee

      exactly ..and i know her personally she is truly queen of hearts

  • ruksana

    Hahaa when u published this rumour atleast got informaton if she was at all in India. Tina went out of India on 1st Sep for some photoshoot. And before that she was very busy working extra time on sets to cover up for the coming days’ absence of hers on the sets. So she couldnt give you interview thats why you tagged her as tantrum queen. Hiegth of stupidity….. I love her acting a lot. and her character is amazingg… God Bless her always. and stop using celebs and spreading wrong rumours to promote your site.

    • shubham

      too good yar..awesome awesome exactly my point

  • Allan

    Finally this lousy serial which promotes Bigamy, Polygamy and multiple swapping/swinging will go off air… finally