Revealed: Why Ranbir Kapoor won’t sing in any of his films!

Revealed: Why Ranbir Kapoor won’t sing in any of his films!

Sorry to disappoint you, but RK won’t be recording a song in the near future

While Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha are taking to singing, Ranbir Kapoor is quite clear that he has no interest in entering a recording booth and singing for any of his songs. Even though there were reports that RK has expressed interest in singing, the actor recently cleared the air about it.

Ranbir said,’I tried my hand at singing in Barfi!. We recorded a song called Fatafati but it didn’t work. So I won’t be singing in any of my films for sure!.”

There you go, RK sets the record straight. Maybe his singing and crooning is only restricted in private with his girlfriend Katrina?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Jay

    No need ranbir i don’t mind even if u don’t sing u r a damn good actor and most of the actors(sharadda,priyanka,sonakshi) who tried to sing failed to impress the audience .Good choice

  • Malenna Corredor

    Good actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Aamir Khan…Great Screen presence: Salman Khan…Ranbir I am really not impressed with his performances but I think is bcs his voice reminds me like “Rocky Balboa”, it’s terrible and also think he should be hurry up to do all he want to do now because, contrary to all Kapoor’s mens, he is an ugly duck…apologies for hard comments but it’s my opinion.

    • Rohini

      Well you are wrong
      Ranbir Kapoor is beautiful and he is best actor!! So you have no right to insult him

      • Malenna Corredor

        I was not insulting him, again it is my opinion…if you want to see insults you can check what Rishi Kapoor said about Siddiqui…I recall something like “you don’t have the talent or the screen presence or looks to romance on screen”…
        But again I am not insulting n1, just my opinion. You find him beautiful great for u!…