REVIEW: Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap – This old man’s having so much fun

This one is what they call it – old wine in a new bottle

Amitabh Bachchan has been there done that many times over, so there is hardly anything new that you see in Puri Jagannadh’s Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap (BHTB). This film is a wonderful exercise to establish the Bachchan brand in the minds of the generation that was growing up when Big B’s glory was starting to fade out. The sad part is that BHTB celebrates the magic of Bachchan in a way that definitely doesn’t do justice to the ‘angry young man’. Colourful shirts, fight sequences, item numbers, dialogues with punch and a rehash of Salman Khan’s Wanted – this pretty much sums up the movie. The story is about a retired gangster Viju (not Vijay) who has settled in Paris but is back in town to save his son (Sonu Sood) from the bad guys. Son doesn’t know about father because his mother (Hema Malini who sadly looks like a ‘bbuddhi’) doesn’t want him to grow up and be a gangster, so she raises him to be a cop. So far, so old. Add to that Viju’s ex flame (Raveena Tandon), and the plot ripens. The ‘baap’ steps in to save ‘beta’s life, help him kill gangsters and find a girlfriend, and get himself a happier retired life (read: reunite with Hema). That’s how the story wanders about. One of the highlights of the film is a song that is a remix of old Bachchan hits where he is dancing like himself in the good ol’ days. The saving grace is the dialogue and the old man’s comic timing. Now that even the kids know who Amitabh Bachchan is (was?), it would be good if this particular member of the genre of brainless entertainers is left to Salman Khan, as he does it best.