Revolver Rani song Thaayein kare katta: Piyush Mishra’s voice resounds over Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das’s antics!

The various shades of Alka Rani aka Revolver Rani has been shown beautifully in the song, which also has the lead couple locking their lips

The makers of Revolver Rani have come up with the latest song from the movie—Thaayein kare katta—and for all of you who read the music review, you would know that how beautifully Piyush Mishra has sung the song. It is Piyush Mishra’s quirky voice that stands out despite Kangana Ranaut and Vir Das’s antics.

The song shows Kangana Ranaut’s Alka Rani avatar in its various shades. First she is shown as the bandit queen of the kingdom, who terrorises people and lets her katta (desi gun) speak more than her mouth. Then she slowly is shown falling for Vir Das’s romantics and lastly she is shown as this homely girl who has fallen madly in love with a guy. The shades from black to grey to white has been shown beautifully in this track. Also, there is a lip lock between the Queen actor and Vir, which has been shot in a very raw fashion, just to get the countryside feel in it.

Getting back to the song, it is laden with thumping beats composed by Sanjeev Srivastava. Puneet Sharma’s lyrics describe Alka Rani to the T. Alka Rani‘s comparisons to basic day-to-day things is shown best via this song. Piyush Mishra’s voice is different and brings the countryside feel to the song and it overpowers the rowdy and the cute antics of Kangana. Overall a song which you will fall in love with the instant you hear it. A must have in all music players!