RGV snubs Karan and Ektaa

Contradiction is the name of Ramgopal Varma’s game. Now he does it with Ektaa Kapoor and Karan Johar!

Ramgopal Varma is the finest example of a man who contradicts himself whenever he opens his mouth. The director, who has always claimed that he stays far far away from the trivial politics and rat races of B-town, has yet again opposed his own statement. Varma recently announced that he’s going to make the biggest and the best gangster film ever and then retire from this genre altogether. If you are thinking that it’s the director’s competitive streak that’s making him blurt out such things, well, perhaps it’s something else! Just when he saw Karan Johar trying his hand in this genre with the Agneepath remake and Ektaa Kapoor stepping into this domain again with Shootout at Wadala and the sequel of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaii, Varma started going green with envy. But who knows better than us that green is not exactly the colour that suits RGV! Going by the kind of bleak aura his films have, it’s black that goes best with Ramu’s personality. He has also announced that he’s planning to rope in Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor for his so-called ‘expensive blockbuster’. All we can say is that the whole ‘I am the best filmmaker’ proclamation is not exactly putting Varma in a good light here. But then why are we surprised – RGV lost his formidable charm and his run of luck long ago, but it was a complete bust when he started making films like RGV ki Aag and raised hackles with his infuriating tweets. Let’s see where this announcement takes him!