Richa Chadda interview: I would never date an actor!

She stunned in Gangs of Wasseypur and now segues into a far less serious role as a violent don in Fukrey. Richa Chadda talks about life, laughter, love and her crush on a writer…

Her powerful performance in almost every film that she has starred in has forced the industry to take notice of Richa Chadda‘s acting skills. She has earned that attention and a Filmfare Critic’s Choice award for her skills as an actor, even while avoiding the typical glamorous roles and choosing tough, complex characters. Her next, Fukrey, though a comedy, has her playing a violent don – the viewers will love that, she claims! Find out just how violent Richa is in real life, more about her next item number and her dating habits!

There are similarities between Dolly from Oye Lucky and your character Bholi in Fukrey

My conscious effort was to not have similarities. It’s not fair to the audience. In Fukrey I’m playing a female don who is a completely different person than Dolly from Oye Lucky. She is a female don and it’s a completely black character. There are no greys. She is cruel, she is evil. But she is loveable in her own way. And people who have seen my earlier work would notice the difference.

Your character is quite violent in the film. Are you that short tempered in real life?

I’m not so temperamental. But with something like eve teasing, I believe its okay to flare up. If I feel like it’s too small to ignore, I can get away with giving a look and ignoring it. But if it’s more, I make a scene. I’m not all that level headed. I can be short tempered when it comes to it. I think all women can be short tempered. We all get PMS! But yes, I make no bones about it.

The most outrageous thing you did on the sets of Fukrey

I had to slap this man who was seven feet tall. And I couldn’t get to doing that because he was kind of over acting! So when I’d go to slap him, he’d start crying and whining. And it was funny to see a man, literally seven feet tall, who could push me with his elbow and I’d go flying, cry like that! And there I was trying to slap him… hard. And I did it after some eight or ten takes. Here I am, a non-violent person who doesn’t eat meat or wear leather, hitting someone who could swat me like a fly. So it was very tough for me to convince myself to do that. And funny!

Your thoughts on director Rituparno Ghosh’s sudden death…

I didn’t get to work with him, but I started following him recently. After Raincoat I woke up to him and his cinema. Then I figured out Choker Bali and others. He was a very gifted person who was so unapologetic and unafraid about his cinema and his sexuality. And so brave at that! He made no bones about who he was or what he liked to do. I like such people. I like to interact with people like that. And I was also surprised because he was so young. I am very spiritual that way. I feel that if a soul’s work is done, then it moves on. In that case, Sujoy Ghosh should feel lucky, because he was the last person to act with him. It’s a huge loss.

What about an item number from you…

Maybe. I am a great dancer, actually, and nobody knows that. In fact, in my first ever dancing job, I danced behind Sanjay Dutt’s a##! When I was 16 Sanjay Dutt came to Delhi, and it was a big deal back then. I was working with a dance repertory, and there was a charity event where we danced behind him. We were so excited! But I would want to do a classy item number, if I were to ever do that.

Who, from the current crop of Bollywood actors, would you want to date?

I wouldn’t date an actor. Because everybody is throwing themselves at male actors! I would be a very worried girlfriend if I was dating a male actor. Stylists, PR people, models, other actresses…too much competition. I would date a businessman, or a doctor. Or I would date a writer; I actually had a crush on a writer – his name is Aatish Taseer. Have you seen him? He is just perfect!