Rick Roy: I didn’t particularly like Priyanka Chopra’s styling in Mary Kom

Rick Roy: I didn’t particularly like Priyanka Chopra’s styling in Mary Kom
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Malika Arora Khan’s stylist Rick Roy talks to BollywoodLife about her look in Dolly Ki Doli along with his take on styles donned by other B-town actors

Rick Roy is one of India’s leading stylists in Bollywood today. He has styled actors Sonam Kapoor and Malaika Arora Khan. In an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife, Rick told us about his experience with Malika and the look he has given her in the item song Fashion Mujh Pe Khatam from Dolly Ki Doli.

When asked about Malaika’s look in the item song, Rick said, “We wanted to give Malaika a look which is very different. In order to do this, we scanned through loads of pictures of previous item numbers and observed the looks donned by the actors. If you see in most of the item numbers, the actors are seen sporting ghagra cholis. I sketched a style for Malaika which she loved, hence we came up with the look in Fashion Mujh Pe Khatam where she isn’t donning a ghagra choli but is seen wearing a desi outfit done in a different way.

Talking about certain styles of B-town actors which he personally found appealing in recent films, Rick revealed , “I think Kangana Ranaut’s styling in Queen was fabulous. I even liked Deepika’s styling in Cocktail very much. Alia’s styling in 2 States was also fab. I liked the way their characters were done. Deepika’s look in Finding Fanny by Anaita again is a brilliant one as she looks very appealing in her character.”

Rick further stated that he liked Katrina’s look in her upcoming film Bang Bang but did not particularly have praises to sing for Priyanka Chopra’s style in Mary Kom, “I found Katrina Kaif’s styling really good in Bang Bang. Coming back to Mary Kom, I’m not too sure about the styling. Priyanka’s character definitely comes across as a strong and appealing one, but I didn’t particularly like the styling very much. ”



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  • Bollywoodlifehater

    Is this guy crazy ?? What do you want a boxer to wear ? Designer shorts and high street brands ??

    • anant

      I agree people can have their own opinion, I guess he didn’t like d styling from wat I kno of him he is a big stylist so he might have a different take on the styling , it truely is a matter of personal opinion…

      • nats

        I agree people can have their own opinion even I did not like it

    • mihir

      Dude u cal urself bollywoodlifehater what the fuck are u doing in dis site lol….

    • nishit

      I dnt see him saying , he wants her 2 wear designer cloths , u r reading 2much Hater …

  • yazz

    rick roy u seem to be a dumb chap as what did u expect priyanka to wear a ghagra choli or glamourous clothes in mary kom get real plz

  • Spency

    Lol BL is going bad,a boxer have to wear this kinda of clothes ,imagine a boxer wearing glamour clothes and fight this will be the most irrealistic movie ever,this is funny

  • Prashant

    First of all Who is this Rick Roy? I haven’t even heard about him. ….this is the first time Im hearing about him. And, Hello! What do you mean by not liking Priyanka’s styling? So, she should wear Alexander Mcqeen Gown or Armaani, with Gucci shoes and Prada and then start boxing? Are you mad or what? You moron she is a boxer and In real life Boxers looks exactly same as shown in the film. Who the hell calls you a stylist? Get your facts right you idiot. She looks like a boxer and that is neccarry for the part. I think you should wear a ghagra and choli or a jumpsuit and start boxing….fool. Huh….This is the most ridiculous thing i have heard.

    • richa

      I think this is the problem with our country we cannot take an opinion, though I liked the promo I agree some stuff can be better, I do not understand fashion and I agree a boxer cannot wear high street brands or ghagra choli but I do not think dat is what this rick roy guy was saying I think he just said he did not like the styling ….

  • disha

    Wel I guess its his opinion nd I dnt see him saying any where he wants her 2 wear ghagra cholis …may b he didnt like it …

  • taniya

    I liked d promo but I dnt think its compulsory for every 1 to like it . May b rick roy just doesnt like it .so big deal .nd I do agree I do not see him saying he wants her 2 wear ghagra cholis .he jus said he didnt like d styling .although it will b quite funny if she did wear ghagra choli and fought in the Olympics

  • amit

    I like the picture of the dress this guy made for malaika she is looking very hot

  • sujit

    I like dis guy he made malaika look dam hot

  • prathistha

    I did not like d styling as well she is wearing a white top that I have as wel clearly not researched enough , she is suppose to be in the eighties and wearing stuff from now not kool and I am a fashion student so I know

  • shreya

    I like dis rick roy kid he is quite talented , like what he made for malaika

  • aamir

    I like dis guy he seems honest. Unlike other bollywood people who only say nice things bout everything and every one , atleast he said what he didn’t like , its refreshing .

  • king

    I did not like the cloths either its just not authentic enough and as some 1 said b4 not well researched .wearing racer back vest nd cargo pants is so not authentic nd specially for a biopic….our north east has beautiful heritage and beautiful fabric the designer should have researched an incorporated it ……priyanka is good though in d promo