Posted Thu, January 17, 2013 12:06pm IST

From Inkaar to Ghanchakkar, stylist Rick Roy has had a crazy journey in Bollywood, and he shares some of his interesting experiences with us

Bollywood stylist Rick Roy recently styled Chitrangda Singh in Inkaar. The transition of Singh from a bohemian chick to a corporate girl wouldn’t have looked that great without RR’s subtle yet uber stylish outfits. Rick says he has been extremely lucky to have worked with stars who have been supportive. And luckily, he hasn’t had to deal with tantrums that are detrimental to any designer’s self-esteem. In fact, Roy is known to be an accommodating professional who knows how to strike a balance between comprehending what the director wants and when he should take the liberty to add the much needed spice to the celeb’s looks. Read on…

Ghanchakkar, Himmatwala, Inkaar…you are neck deep in work, still what’s that one aspect of Bollywood styling that you like the most?

It’s good fun. One aspect of Bollywood styling is that you get to see your work onscreen and that gives me a high. It’s crazy when the shoot is on. All pays off when you see the end product on the bada parda.

What was the best part about styling Chitrangda Singh?

She is extremely peaceful as a person. She has absolutely no tantrums. There’s never been a situation wherein I have been stressed about Chitrangda Singh. She’s one of those amazing actors who is also extremely understanding. She has no ego about anything. Also she can really pull off all kinds of looks. She’s not one of those who will make faces without even trying something. You can put whatever you want on her and she will give you that shot. The first half of Inkaar is all about bohemian clothes, mix and match, lots of different accessories and piercing, and not even once I saw Chitrangda mock any of the looks. The first time I got the clothes on my rack, I was extremely nervous about how will I manage ‘coz CS is seen in a certain way – people perceive her as this beautiful Indian girl – as the saree clad chick in Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi or the super glamorous lady walking the red carpet. At one point in time, I thought that maybe she would come up with her own suggestions, but on the contrary, she was really excited.

Did you do any kinda research before settling for CS’s corporate look? Did you get in touch with your 9-5 job wala friends?

I have worked in the advertising fraternity for quite a bit. More than research, what actually played on my mind was the income factor. I honestly thought about what kinda money she makes, and where will she exactly go shopping. The most important thing was to understand what amount of money she would be comfortable spending on her clothes. Any creative person at the start of their career would want to create an impression. So when CS was just starting up, she was very rebellious, so she would wear clothes which don’t really fit into the so-called corporate world. But eventually as she grows, she realises that she needs to look like the conventional corporate woman and wanting to dress up like a rebel won’t work anymore. Also, when I was young, I loved red and purple hair, but as you grow up, you realise that you can’t freak people out.

You seem to be really fascinated with red; you gave Akshay Kumar a red jacket in Joker despite the hot weather. So has any actor ever got irritated with your style choices?

I have been pretty lucky that way. It’s very important to reach that stage in which you look at the actor’s comfort and at the same time deliver what the director has asked you for. What I have seen is many designers try to hard sell things. So I just try to crack that space in which I figure to what extent I can push my boundaries. In fact, there was a scene in Joker where one outfit went completely wrong and it wasn’t even my fault. I went and explained it to Akshay and he started laughing, and Shirish was also super peaceful about the whole faux pas.

Was it fairly easy styling Chitrangda ‘coz it’s a very urban style – which is something we come across on a daily basis?

In fact, it was difficult, ‘coz to create a look out of something that looks very simple, is indeed very difficult. For instance, if you tell me that Malaika (Arora Khan) is doing an item number, I can do wonders, to create something that needs to stand out. But when you give me a Chitrangda and say that she needs to look real and at the same time you need to incorporate something of your own, that’s very difficult. You need to create a very tiny signature statement and at the same time, not make that character stand out, which is not very easy. So you need to take a little cinematic liberty without taking it away from the character. And you have to be in character with Sudhir Mishra ‘coz he’s very particular about how his character should look like. I have given her a lot of bug rings and bug jewellery. And it was very clear that we wanted her hair very messy in the first half ‘coz that’s how you are as an intern – so she would always have a pencil in her hair, which she would take out and write with whenever she wanted to.

You have also styled Emraan Hashmi in Ghanchakkar, tell us something about that?

I had to make Emraan look very clean and at the same time give him a slight statement. It’s very subtle, very simple, but at the same time, it has this quirk. You will get to know once the film releases.

Who according to you is the most stylish actor in B-town?

I find Deepika Padukone very stylish. But you have to agree that it’s the stylist that makes the actor look stylish. Sonam (Kapoor) of course is all about brands. For me, the most stylish has to be Malaika Arora Khan. She may not be a great actor, but she’s spot on most of the time. Carrying yourself beautifully in whatever you wear is style to me. Rahul Khanna is very stylish. For me, it’s very important that you are unconscious about your good looks, ‘coz once you do, it just kills it. But the real stylish people are the ones who wear anything and everything and make the outfit their own. Rahul and Malaika both do that.

Does your creativity ever get hampered while styling celebs?

I have not faced it as of yet. I have always tried to understand the process while creating the outfit for the character, and if you do that, you don’t face the problem of your creativity getting hampered. There are parameters, Vikram (Bhatt) was very clear that Esha (Gupta) look like a Delhi gal in Jannat 2. I can’t give her a fitted dress to walk around in the streets of Delhi. Had I done that, I would have failed as a designer.