Rim jhim or tip tip: What’s your favourite word for rain in Bollywood?

Thu, July 5, 2012 1:59pm IST by
Posted Thu, July 5, 2012 1:59pm IST

The monsoon brings a plethora of moods – from romance and mischief to pain and melancholy. Bollywood’s songwriters have found very interesting words to signify the various emotions attached to this beautiful season

A season of love, a season of nostalgia and a season to rejoice – the monsoon is definitely Bollywood’s most musically inventive time. The sound of splashing water (Boondon ki jhadi), the playful tip tip of raindrops as they fall on rooftops and the drumbeats of thunder that bring lovers together with its dhamak dhamak have found expression enough in Bollywood songs. We bring to you some of the words that make singing in the rain a lot more fun…

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  • john

    Check it out: favoritewords.com I really love their concept. Got to love that.