Rishi Kapoor plays a bad man in ‘Agneepath’ remake

For the first time ever the original lover-boy will be seen in a daring and different role in the new Agneepath

Rishi Kapoor was probably the only male lead of his times to romance women onscreen, some his age and others half his age, some even after his always-soft physique turned chubby. That’s because he made the cutest boyfriend ever! Though we know that as time passed he happily played father roles, sometimes a stern one and sometimes a friendly dad, he never did anything as drastically daring or different as his contemporary Amitabh Bachchan’s recent roles. Fortunately, all that is set to change. For the first time in his career – apart from a brief grey act in Bol Radha Bol as the con man Tony – Rishi Kapoor moves away from his goody image in Karan Johar’s remake of the Yash Johar-produced and Mukul Anand-directed Agneepath. Ranbir’s papaji plays a baddie in the adaptation, though contrary to rumour, he is not acting the part of Mithun Chakraborthy’s Krishnan Iyer character from the original, but someone who is the remake director Karan Malhotra’s brainwave. Rishi Kapoor joins Kancha Cheena, played by Sanjay Dutt (originally essayed by Danny Denzongpa) in giving serious grief to Hrithik Roshan in the film. From what we hear, the new Agneepath takes very little from the original, and has been totally revamped for today’s time. Also, the film has a strong and powerful love story between Hrithik and Priyanka Chopra, unlike the tepid and dull one between Amitabh Bachchan and Madhavi in the original. Let’s wait and watch to see if the new version lives up to everyone’s expectations.

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