Rishi Kapoor to be bad man in Subhash Ghai’s new Karz?

The hit pair of Rishi Kapoor – the man who is so good at being bad- and Subhash Ghai will get together to make a film on a similar themes after almost three decades

Subhash Ghai made his first film, Karz with Rishi Kapoor. Three decades later the duo is coming back together in a film that eerily reminds us of that same Karz. For one, Rishi Kapoor plays a musician in the film – like he did in Karz. The twist here is that Rishi’s musician is a baddie this time.

We’re not surprised that Rishi agreed to play a negative role, since his earlier role as the antagonist in Agneepath was received with such great applause. But we wonder, why would Rishi want to play a similar character so soon? Is it to help Ghai, who has been having a terrible time of late? It seems possible, as this is definitely a comeback film for Ghai, whose Yuvvraaj and Black & White performed poorly at the box office four years back and whose acting academy Whistling Woods has had so many problems to deal with.

And since we’re on the subject of remaking Karz, let us look back at how the earlier version featuring Himesh Reshammiya sank… like a stone!