Rithvik Dhanjani: If Asha Negi was not my best friend, we’d never be in a relationship!

There’s no doubt that they are a crazy-mad couple – and their chemistry on and off screen is sizzling, fun and very romantic…

When they met on the sets of Pavitra Rishta, Asha Negi and Rithvik Dhanjani hit it off almost instantly. While the media speculated wildly about romance blooming between them, the couple claimed they were just great friends. Finally the truth emerged, when they joined the dance reality show Nach Baliye 6, a contest in which where couples get jiggy together to complete against other twosomes. And when you spend time with them, Asha and Rithvik give you the refreshing feeling of being best friends first – wethinks this is their USP. Their never-ending enthusiasm is contagious. The duo talks about romance, competition on Nach Baliye and why Rithvik calls Asha ‘jhand‘…

So you’ve finally decided to come out about your relationship…

Rithvik Dhanjani: It started about three months ago. I am not even sure about the exact date. It was not a planned decision to get into a relationship.

Asha Negi: We never proposed to each other.

Which relationship is better – best friends or boyfriend / girlfriend?

Asha: Best friends, of course.

Rithvik: I think best friends for me too. I mean, if she was not my best friend, we’d never be in a relationship.

Has life changed post the acceptance of this?

Rithvik: Not really, except there is a lot of love between us now.

Asha: Yaah, a lot of love.

Who do you think is your biggest competition on Nach Baliye 6?

Rithvik: Ourselves.

Asha: Him.

Rithvik: Her competition is me. She will compete against me in Nach Baliye. Frankly, it’s too early to say what the competition will look like five weeks down the line. All of them are doing really great. Everyone has their own genre. They are very good at what they do – Kiku Sharda is awesome when he does Bollywood thumkas! Nobody can beat him at that. When it comes to comic timing, there is Raju Shrivastav. If he and his wife do a comic act, no one can beat them.

What is your genre?

Rithvik: Well our genre is the fun that you see between us. This fun-chemistry is our USP. We are gonna kill it with our chemistry.

How often have you fought during rehearsals?

Rithvik: Many times. In fact, just before the press conference we had a fight. But then we have to adjust to each other’s likes and dislikes. ‘Coz dancing together is very different from being a couple.

Asha: Dancing together involves a lot of patience, strength, listening skills…

Rithvik: You ask any couple, all of them will tell you that they fight. And if they say they never fight, they are telling lies. We fight because I want her to do her best. I believe she can do much better than she does and in that banter, fights erupt, which is very normal.

Asha: But we fight a lot and sometimes it doesn’t feel normal.

How many times has Rithvik dropped you?

Asha: I think almost every day!

Rithvik: Whaaat!

Asha: Oh, you mean on the dance floor? No… no, never!

Rithvik: In dancing I have never dropped her.