Posted Wed, November 30, 2011 11:08am IST

Looking gorgeous in yellow, Ms Fakhri seemed enthralled when artist Brian Olsen created her portrait in just 10 minutes!

If you are wondering what exactly a live painting is, well, leave it to us to enlighten you. It’s an improvisational performance by an artist, created usually at a public event and is accompanied by live music. Artist Brian Olsen did exactly that while etching images of Marilyn Monroe and Nargis Fakhri on canvas. The event took place at Chivas studio in Delhi. A combination of superb music and fascinating art, it turned out to be quite an entertaining affair. Catching a glimpse of Nargis staring at her own portrait with great amazement, we wonder who wouldn’t be impressed with this arty gesture. We are also sure that after witnessing this, the Rockstar babe’s fans might have decoded the key to woo the gorgeous actor by now. Maybe even Ranbir Kapoor can learn a trick or two from the painter who worked his magic on the babe within a matter of few minutes. Ranbir recently said in an interview that Nargis is like a butterfly, one day she’s kayaking in Switzerland and the very next day she’s in some other part of the world. Now we suggest it’s high time the Kapoor kid learns how to catch hold of his butterfly, or else she will flutter away for good…with someone who really knows how to woo her!