‘Rockstar’ box office collections rock: Rs 64 crore in opening weekend

‘Rockstar’ box office collections rock: Rs 64 crore in opening weekend

Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri’s Rockstar rakes in the millions

Eros International reports that Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri, and featuring chartbusting music by Oscar-winner AR Rahman, has done stellar business in its opening weekend grossing Rs 64 crore. The Ashtavinayak Cine Vision co-production grossed Rs 53 crore in India (Rs 37 crore net) and Rs 11 crore overseas. The film that released on 11.11.11 fortuitously collected Rs 11.25 crore on its opening day.

As is customary, we must cede the floor to the Eros mouthpieces. Nandu Ahuja, Sr VP, Distribution, Eros International Media Ltd said, “Imtiaz Ali has once again captured the audiences’ imagination and coupled with Ranbir Kapoor’s exemplary performance, Rockstar has opened to a superb response across the country, especially in the multiplexes. This is Ranbir’s biggest ever opening and elevates him to the league of superstars for sure. With colleges re-opening this week, we are looking at the film remaining steady at the box office through the week.

Not to be outdone, Pranab Kapadia, President – Distribution – Eros International added, “Eros International adds another feather to its cap with Rockstar which has been appreciated worldwide. It has taken a fantastic opening overseas and has fared very well in UK, USA and the Middle East.” According to Naaz Building insiders, this set of figures from Eros appears to be accurate, unlike the bloated numbers they released for the dud RA.One.

Meanwhile, UTV and Anurag Kashyap are continuing their long association. Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana will be produced by Kashyap and is being directed by debutant Sameer Sharma. Shooting for the food and family themed farce is underway in the mustard fields of the Punjab. Kunal Kapoor and Huma Qureshi are the leads.

However all is not sarson da saag and makki di roti for UTV. The company is sitting on a pile of unreleased films. They include Deven Khote’s Phillum City, starring John Abraham; Arnab Chaudhuri’s animation film Arjun The Warrior Prince; John Owen’s Peter Gaya Kaam Se, starring Rajeev Khandelwal and Proshhant Norrayanonn or however the actor spells his name these days; Vicky Chopra’s Season’s Greetings, starring a host of non-entities including Tabu, Shreyas Talpade, Ashish Chowdhry and Sohail Khan; and Shoojit Sirkar’s Shoebite aka Johnny Mastana. These may or may not see the light of day. What’s sad is that Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Paan Singh Tomar, starring the always-excellent Irrfan Khan is part of this list. The film has done the global festival rounds but clearly UTV don’t think that there’s a market for it in India. The other films may release, except maybe Johnny Mastana that is mired in some legal difficulties.

Then of course, there is David Dhawan’s Hook Ya Crook, starring John Abraham again, Genelia D’Souza and Kay Kay Menon that also is supposed to have a cameo by captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni. UTV’s Siddharth Roy Kapur says, “The only film on which we have had to take a creative judgement call is Hook Ya Crook.” Translated into plain language that probably means that the film stinks and UTV is too embarrassed to release it.

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  • Amit

    Who the hell are these Naaz Building insiders who claim that the figures of Ra one were bloated .Every one has accepted these figures.Ra one is not a dud .It is a hot movie which has been accepted by the trade analyst.You morons who are good for nothing and cannot withstand goot o somebody really are a burden on this earth.May God free all of us from the burden of this earth by picking people like you.

  • Demonoid

    anti srk site!

  • suresh

    i like rockstar an the movie wash fantastick……………

  • Hater

    “…unlike the bloated numbers they released for the dud RA.One.” Quoted from the article.

    Could the writer please tell me how Ra.One is a “dud”. Since when is 135 crore net from India (All versions) a “dud”? It is the 4th highest grossing movie of all time in India and the 2nd highest grossing movie of ALL TIME worldwide, that would include India and overseas. Around 200-220 crore net worldwide cant be a “dud” or maybe for the writer of this article it is. Amusing to say the least

    • djrocksforever

      The bgdt of the mvie is so arnd 160 crs….in respect to tht its nt even a hit as the distributors r gng to lose dr money…..nt even a hit……jst average….

  • raju

    raone is a flop movie like tees maar khan.superv opening lekin baad me kutta v dekhne nahi gaya

  • K S Nair

    Rock star sans pure rock music. Can anybody imagine a rock music programme being conducted as a one man show with one performer and a sole guitar? Live rock music programme is one which rocks the stage. And that can be accomplished not with a single singer and a guitar alone. I presume that more than 70% of rock effect is the contribution of percussion instruments and an array of guitars. But Rockstar rocks the theater thanks to the excellent sound system only.
    The song saada haq is termed by certain quarters as youth anthem. How is that? After taking away the four words, Saada haq aithe rakh, can anybody remember the rest of the song even for a day? I realise that if you hum Saada haq aithe rakh continuously these rhyme well with inquilab zindabad.
    Coming to kun faaya kun, I feel that the song is a misfit in the movie. I suspect that this song has been included at the behest of Rahman who considers sufi music is the ultimate of all music.
    The film has also not brought out clearly how Janardhan has become a rockstar.Do the sufi music and rock music have the same wave length? By visiting a darga and listening to sufi music whether an aspiring musician can become a rockstar?
    By making the statement that India does not have a pure rockstar, Rahman is admitting his own failure to provide pure rock music in Rockstar, as only pure rock music makes a pure rockstar, nothing else.
    Saada haq and kun faaya kun are the only two songs worth mentioning. Others are only mediocre. By presentation wise, picturisation wise and music wise, Rock On is superior. If I remember correctly, the music of Rock On was ranked 13 in the world rock album chart of 2008.

    • Farook

      My Friend…Saada Haq song alone = whole rock on album…Rockstar music is totally based on the movie…its a decade journey of a aspiring musician…so u cant expect all the songs to b rock based….Rahman scores music based on the movie situations … he doesnt have to give all the songs rock jus the movie titled ROCKSTAR..hope u understand…

      • manu ektaprinters

        u r right

  • jsdwhg

    Ranbir is true actor and he has proved it several times…he s unique and his acting in rockstar is incontrovertible..its movie of a lifetime….one shud neva miss it…its obvious for ppl 2 b jealous of the success…its above the standards of bollywood movies….its sets its own standards…the music is really oustanding and its impact is long lasting

  • Dharmu

    The rockstar movie r the very wondrful…i think once more tme by the imtiaz ali can bring the Rockstar 2 on a box office…

  • a.m.s

    rockstar i sthe best movie ever its story is very gud nd its song tum ho ilove this song very muchhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Ahmed Ali

    love Ranbir kapoor in every movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!