Rohit Bakshi: I don’t mind running around trees

Here’s the dude who was recently in the news thanks to his girlfriend Aashka Goradia who was pining for him in the house of Bigg Boss 6. But what’s Rohit busy doing? He gives us a sneak peek…

Rohit Bakshi has wooed the small screen audiences with his roles in popular soaps like Kahiin To Hoga and Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. But currently, he is busy promoting his debut film Dehraadun Diary. Here are the excerpts of an interview with him:

What was the reason to select Dehraadun Diary as your debut film?

When I signed this film, it was a decision based on its strong script and good storyline. I wanted to do this film because it is a take on how the system reacts when a corrupt politician’s daughter falls in love with a common man and how things change with that person. This film is based on a real life incident. Now, when all of us have witnessed this shameless act of Delhi gang-rape case where not a single politician came out in the open to support the victim or to take a stand for her, and we the common people are fighting against our own system for justice, it’s really complicated. It’s the time to change ourselves. I always wanted to start my career with such a powerful and relevant subject.

How did you start your acting career?

I used to do print ads in Delhi and came down to Mumbai to try my luck in modelling. I gave a lot of auditions but nothing materialised. I was never interested in doing shows, as I had never faced the camera before. However, even without giving an audition, I was zeroed in for Titliyan on Sahara One. It was troublesome to mouth the dialogues. Later, I went on to do Choodiya, Tanhayiha, Sukanya, Lavynya and Tum Bin Jao Kahan. Balaji approached me for a cameo in Kutumb and I eventually landed up doing Kyunki, Kahiin Toh Hoga, Kahiin Kissi Roz and Kaisa Yeah Pyar Hai.

Tell us something about your role in the film?

I am playing the role of Anshul Sharma. Anshul is in love with the daughter of an MP with a criminal past. Anshul and the girl want to get married but they face opposition from the girl’s family. Anshul’s maturity makes him decide that they would take the marital vows only when both the families oblige and accept the relationship. Anshul is a peace loving person but at the same time, he believes in fighting for justice. Anshul is what most of us want to be.

What’s this film all about?

This film is about ordinary people who put up an extraordinary fight. People who become the epitome of ‘standing for your rights’. The film is the journey of a mother who has lost the child she once held in her hands. It’s the journey of a brother who could have focused on his career, his future, yet decides to give it all up so that never again does a brother lose his bhai to an act of rage.

Dehraadun Diary is a film about the strength of a common man, the fury that loss leaves you with and the fearlessness that comes only with unconditional love.

Why did you switch from the small screen to the silver screen and what are your future plans?

I have been working in the TV industry for quite a long time now and I think I am ready for films. As an actor one needs progression and after television everyone aspires for films. I surely want to do masala films; in fact, I don’t mind running around trees. But I won’t quit television for sure. I would like to create a balance. TV keeps the kitchen fire burning as it pays very well.