Rohit Shetty shoots with 200 cars for ‘Singham’

The director turns into action director as he conceptualises and designs the main action sequence for Singham

Director Rohit Shetty has a funny way of showing his love for cars. While he plans sequences around some really amazing automobiles, he also loves to blow them up! And after destroying cars in all the three Golmaal movies, he is at it yet again. The first sequence for his forthcoming Ajay Devgan-Kajal Aggarwal film Singham will be a car stunt. What is interesting is that Shetty has conceptualised and designed the whole sequence and will be executing the action for the film himself! So, the newly christened ‘action director’ has used around 200 cars for this one scene. To keep the tradition alive, the director will blow up 20 of the vehicles. And since Shetty seems to have lots of money at his disposal, he is all set to shoot the sequence quite extravagantly.When we asked him about it, he said, “The scene is set in a parking lot, where a kidnapping takes place. It’s a chase sequence between Ajay and the gangsters, so the shot required about 200 cars. We will be blowing up 20 of them.” How will he top that one in his next film, we wonder!