Ronit Roy isn’t apologetic

It has been almost a month, but the Udaan actor doesn’t seem to be sorry about the unfortunate accident that he caused

Sometimes B-town celebs get into the news for the wrong reasons. One such celeb is Ronit Roy, who was recently arrested under Indian Penal Code Section 279 (rash driving) and 338 (causing grievous injury endangering lives), but was later released on bail. A month later, we are still waiting to hear an apology from the guy who is seen doling out justice to people in his popular TV show, Adalat. In a recent interview, Ronit said, “I didn’t say much at that time and I would like to stick to that. The only thing that I will say is that accidents do happen. I do have my driver’s license with me. Most of the stories that have been circulated are false and incorrect.” We are not sure what the true story is, but an apology never hurt anyone.