Posted Sat, August 23, 2014 10:00am IST

There wasn’t a single season that did not house, at least, one member who maintained the water balance in the house with his/her tears

The much awaited reality show, Bigg Boss, is soon to air its season 8, hosted by Salman Khan, and the promos have already created a lot of excitement. While the makers are still deciding on who all will be under Bigg Boss’ house arrest, we at BollywoodLife, decided to take a look at contestants who turned cry babies while serving their sentence, in the previous seasons. So here’s us glimpsing at the cry babies of the by gone seasons of the highly controversial show:

Roopali Ganguli: The TV actor, who was seen in the first season of the show, single handedly managed to raise the emotional quotient of the house. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’s Monisha did not live up to her happy-go-lucky character. Back then, reports were doing the rounds that Roopali was trying to gain sympathy from the audience. Far be us from judging, but the girl practically cried at the drop of the hat.

Jade Goody: Contrary to her pain-in-the-ass image in Big Brother, the UK version of Bigg Boss, Jade Goody paraded her sentimental side in BB2. The actor cried her eyes out over the Big Brother controversy where she, reportedly, passed racist comments at Shilpa Shetty. Looks like someone desperately wanted to come out clean.

Vindoo Dara Singh: Winner of Bigg Boss season 3, Vindoo, was openly accused of having applied the Roopali Ganguli technique; cry to gain sympathy. The actor, who was seen shedding tears on every presented opportunity, claimed that the reason he was so emotional all through the show was that he had no trustworthy friend in the house. Come on Vindoo! With all the pushing and fighting and abusing what did you expect?

Shweta Tiwari: The popular TV star, was often spotted with tear filled eyes in the fourth season of the show where she was, almost always, consoled by Sameer Soni. The reason behind all her water works was usually Dolly Bindra and their personal conflict. Well given how well spoken Dolly is, can’t say we blame Shweta.

Mahek Chahal: The model turned actor was seen bursting into tears on being called dark skinned. Now Mehak, firstly, having a dark complexion is not a bad thing and secondly, you’re a model cum actor, probably for a reason. So have some confidence in yourself. Though she was seen breaking into the water works in a few other fights, her cry baby crown winning moment was after her spat with Sky aka Akashdeep.

Aashka Garodia: Aashka broke all records with her emotions; even Roopali and Vindoo’s and that is saying something. The actor who is now synonymous with crying, was seen shedding tears right from the first day, be it her lost ring or her lost chain. She didn’t even refrain when other housemates were fighting amongst themselves.

Rajat Rawaila: Now this was a special one. The commoner, who entered the house with high claims and expectations, broke down almost immediately on entering the house. From missing his family to having heath issues, he suffered everything in the shortest possible span.

So BollywoodLifers who according to you should be crowned as the cranky baby? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below!