Rucha Gujarati enters ‘Saas Bina Sasuraal’

She is the third angle of a love triangle

Saas Bina Sasuraal has just completed 250 episodes and as the celebrations begin, the writers are planning to complicate matters a bit more. The plot is going to see a new character coming in to make a bit of trouble for the Chaturvedi family – especially for Ved and Nikita. And the makers have roped in a very well-known face for the role. Rucha Gujarati, who is known for her performances in Bhabhi and Kkusum, has entered Sony’s popular TV show. She is playing Rhea, the daughter of Chhedilal’s friend. Chhedilal has promised Rhea’s father that she can marry Ved, who as we know, is in love with Nikita. In fact, the entire family had come together to make Ved, a confirmed bachelor, admit that he had fallen in love. They had tried several ruses before Ved finally admitted his feelings. Chhedilal was unaware of this development as he was away visiting friends. But with Rhea’s entry, it looks like Ved has a new difficulty to face. Chhedilal is not going to agree to go back on his word to Rhea’s father and the family is going to have a tough time convincing him. However, wethink we know there’s going to be a happy ending to this track. Rhea has already been shown in the first episode as an arrogant, condescending girl who smokes cigarettes. Surely, Chhedilal is not going to agree to have such a girl as his daughter-in-law! Meanwhile, let’s see if Rucha is able to recreate her earlier magic in this show too.

Saas Bina Sasuraal airs Mondays to Thursdays at 10pm on Sony