Ruslaan Mumtaz: I can’t be very pally with Sangeeta Ghosh!

The actor, who is taking his first step in Tellyland, is nervous about being over-friendly with his co-star, and claims that he needs more time to break the ice between them

Ruslaan Mumtaz, who hails from a Bollywood background, is making his big debut in television on August 12, 2013. His new show, Kehta Hai Dil… Jee Le Zara is a romantic drama opposite the seasoned actor Sangeeta Ghosh.

He has shot for about three episodes, but the actor is still not sure how to be around his co-star. “I can’t be very pally with Sangeeta. Normally when a director says pack up, we all hug each other and say good bye, but with Sangeeta I don’t know if I should shake a hand with, or put my arm around her,” said Ruslaan.

Co-actors usually become friends, so why haven’t you? “There’s a difference in being a friend and a co-actor, and it is easier to be a friend when you are of the same age group, but here things are different. You don’t know how comfortable you should get or can get. She has broken the ice from her end, but I think I am the one taking time to ease out,” he added.

Are you saying you have nothing common to talk about besides work? Ruslaan replied, “It’s barely been a few days in to the shoot; I’m sure things will get more relaxed once we get into the groove. For now, making random conversations is not that easy.”

Well we hope Ruslaan doesn’t take too long to break the ice, or the next issue will be that the two will lack chemistry, and we wouldn’t want that to happen now, would we?