Ruslaan Mumtaz on Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara ending: I am thrilled, now I can do whatever I want!

EXCLUSIVE: The dishy dude entered television with the show, Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara but sadly, the daily soap is going off air in April

Ruslaan Mumtaz took a calculated risk and entered television with a fiction show Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara, where he was paired opposite senior actor Sangeeta Ghosh as the lead. After nine months of being on air, the makers have decided to pull the plug in April due to low TRPs. We asked Ruslaan if the makers gave him any reason before pulling the plug, “Honestly, I never asked them for a reason. All I was told is that several shows from Sony are going off air and Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara is one among them.”

Nine months of working every day, surely the actor must have had a great experience, no? Ruslaan said, “Honestly, I did the show for two major reasons. TV is an ideal platform to reach a wider audience and I have done that. Today people know me and my work only because of Jee Le Zara. The other reason being, television is like an acting workshop that I was paid to be a part of. Working with Sangeeta Ghosh has been a great learning experience.”

While we are sad that the dishy actor will no longer be seen onscreen, Ruslaan is thrilled, “I am not happy the show is over so soon. But now that it is over I can make time for other commitments. During Jee Le Zara, I had taken up a movie Romeo Idiot Jatni Juliet, but I never managed to shoot for it. Now I will start shooting for it in May. In fact, I was initially going to ask my producer to accommodate by movie dates in between the show post June (my contract ends in June) but now that the show is over I can do more movies. I am thrilled I can do whatever I want now.”

With all the free time, the actor says that he wants to go dancing and hit the gym. “I will start working out again. Plus, my wife and I will enroll ourselves in dancing classes as well. My wife loves dancing but her parents were never keen on it. In spite of learning at Shiamak Davars, she was forced to quit, but that she’s my wife she can do anything.”

While we will miss the dishy dude and his bare body for sure, Ruslaan says he will miss waking up early in the morning, “I will miss waking up early and going for a shoot. I will also miss reading the tweets about my performance.” Awwww… We’ll miss you too!