Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs: Kailash Kher Vs Jatin Pandit

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs: Kailash Kher Vs Jatin Pandit

Many a times you must have heard that creative geniuses are finicky and fight tooth & nail to defend their opinion, but the saying will be proved to be true to a lot extent by what happens in today’s episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs this week. As the final four pit against each other in jugalbandi sessions, the judges will be seen fighting it out to prove themselves right.  Yes! Cool Guru Kailash Kher & the special guest of the evening-Jatin Pandit of Jatin-Lalit fame will get into a verbal fight LIVE on the show.

Azmat and Nitin will perform on Kadiya mil Sawaal and according to Kailash Kher, Nitin’s performance was better & hence he should be the clear winner. But Jatin, commenting on Nitin & Azmat‘s performance, will say “Azmat is a born singer but his voice is undergoing a change but still he sang very well and hence I think he is a clear winner in this duel.”

Showing his disagreement to Jatin’s comment, Kailash Kher will immediately say, “I respect the opinion of our guest. Mein atithi ka satkaar karta hun, unka result shirodharya hai. But personally I feel he took the wrong decision.”

Offended by this, Jatin will lash out at Kailash Kher, “Kailash I don’t know much about your background. I was born in the film industry where my family was in the music industry for the past five generations. Through sheer hard work, today I am recognized as a master in my chosen art form and you challenge my decision.” “Kailash aap jab bachpan mein seb (apple) kha rahe the, tab main industry ke bade bade singers se kaam karwa raha tha aur unko poori conviction ke saath gawata tha,” he will add.

So, how will Kailash react to this? What angle will this squabble take at the end? To know catch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs today at 10.00 pm on Zee TV.


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  • Abhijit Nayyar

    Who is Jatin Pandit? The very ethos of an artist comes out when he goes down to the lowest level of not only art, but human nature itself. He who thinks he is God, and says that “maine bade bade singers ko apne bal pe gavaya hain” should be told that more than half the Nation, at least my entire family which has been listening to vocalists for the past few decades, dont even know his name, forget about background. Shame on him, for belittling another artist in such a manner. He who belittles another knows not that it is better to stay quiet than to be little. If All this is a planned stunt for TRP, then Shame on the channel for lowering the value of something which is higher than all of us put together, i.e. Goddess Saraswati. I can say no more and spoil my evening.

  • Abhijit Nayyar

    By the way, a Koyal which is the most beautiful natural voice in nature, doesnt go around bragging, that my “paanch pushtein is swaron ki kala mein mahir hain”. She just goes on and on for centuries. True art is divine, and not someone line Jatin, who with the help of a few man made instruments and electronics, goes on to claim that he is the scion of music in film industry. Remember he said Industry, thats what he is an industrialist and not a true musician.

  • Abhijit Nayyar

    And lastly, Mr Jatin, no body wants your music or anybody’s music, because in Nature, Music is always there, U just need to be able to sing with it. Let me see you try to sing with the wind and nothing else, no electronic yantra of yours. Dont you ever try lowering the dignity of any art form or any artist.

  • bengaltiger

    The character of a person is reflected in his words. if jatinji thinks he made those superstars then he should rethink. i dont understand what he thinks about himself. he does not possess an iota of humbleness. bloody egoist and egotist.

  • Sunny

    plz be humble jatin pandit g … no doubt u r a good composer but kailash kher is a good singer…u r a composer and kailahs is a good singer so both are expert in their own field plz it is requested to never make other feel like inferior then you…plz be humble even when u have reached the sky…otherwise pride hath a fall…i love kailsh kher…

  • Vicky

    Mr. Abhijit ji don’t u think that kailash ji shouldn’t give this kind of reply in front of the public. If somebody attack others opinion he should be ready for reply. Alka yagnik is a good singer but kailash did the same thing with her. Is he is the only person who can judge.

  • ramesh kumar

    Mr Jatin Pundit

    You have not done any good to yourself by saying all this.You have put yourself a million miles back.May god bless you.


      well said.If you are a educated(or)cultured person,you should be polite and simple.Garv will always drain a person.No use of vidya what he has.Search for a wisdom Jatin Jee.

  • jatin

    It is sad to see jatin react with such ego and anger.
    He really needs training in many things before sitting as mahaguru – music, respect for others, humility, not to act silly in front of the participants and whole world.

  • Radhika Venkateswaran

    How earlier judges like Pyareji, Suresh Wadkar, Anu Malik Himesh for that matter were so humble despite their great achievements, where did this Jatin come from boasting of his so called music background for generations (I am hearing of such a name for the first time)and spoiling the mood of the children especially Nitin. Jatin bhai learn what is humbleness from this boy of Himachal Pradhesh who had always been barefoot when he comes to the stage. Nitin you have not only won the semifinals but also everybody’s heart Jai ho you will go a long way My best wishes.

    • phalguni

      aap jatin lalit ke bare mein kya jante hain…………woh bahut sare hit filmon ke music direct karchuke hain..lyk ddlj,kkhh,fanna,khiladi,yesboss,mohabatein,khamoshi,chalte chalte and many more….woh jo keh rahein woh sahi hai