Saathiya’s Jigar caught unawares by an indecent proposal!

The actor was totally stumped when a man tried to hit on him during the team’s Switzerland shoot

Recently a very strange incident happened with Vishal Singh aka Jigar on the TV series Saath Nibhana Saathiya while he was shooting at Switzerland. Vishal, along with the entire cast was shooting in a Swiss town, when a 35-year-old Swiss guy walked up to him and started inquiring about the shoot. The duo had a long chat about Indian food and culture, the show and Jigar’s character. At the end the man in front of the entire unit offered to kiss Vishal in an extremely straight forward manner. “So can I kiss you now?” he said. Vishal was completely taken aback at first and couldn’t believe his ears, while the entire unit burst out laughing. An embarassed Vishal ran into his vanity van, refusing to come out till the man left the sets. Vishal says, “I was really uncomfortable and surprised at the indecent proposal! I didn’t know how to react. I will never forget this incident all my life! But in the end, I guess it added to the fun we had on our Switzerland trip.”