Saathiya Saath Nibhana: Will Gopi take a stand against Ahem?

The estranged couple was brought together by Raashi and the children, but will the new lease in their relationship hold strong?

Six years back, Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) had accidentally dropped her daughter Meera from the cliff. Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) and the rest of the Modi family looked for the kid but did not even find the remains of their child. They blamed Gopi for being careless; little did they know that it was all Radha – Gopi’s sister’s (Bhavini Purohit) doing. No one knew that Gopi was already pregnant with her second child when she was asked to leave the house.

Post the leap, Gopi’s second daughter Vidya has been keen to know her father and his family. She and Raashi’s (Rucha Hasabnis) kids (they study in the same boarding school) tried to get Gopi and Ahem together. They secretly drugged Gopi and got Ahem remarried to her – seems so simple, no?

When Ahem realises that he has accidentally remarried his first wife and Vidya is his daughter, he is quite upset. He screams, shouts and blasts at Gopi for keeping him away from his own daughter. Ahem then declares that Vidya will now live with him and the Modi family. Listening to her parents argue, Vidya runs away and eventually gets lost. Such drama!

With great difficulty, the couple finds Vidya and takes her to the Modi Bhavan. Well, we thought the drama was finally over, but apparently we were wrong. When they reach home, Ahem starts bickering about how Gopi ruined his life and was careless to lose their daughter Meera. Well at this point had it been us, we would have slapped the guy and walked out of there. And just like we predicted Gopi had had just enough of all the blaming. She says that what happened with Meera was an accident, which could have happened by anyone. After saying this she leaves the house with Vidya and swears to never come back. Whoopie… now that’s the way to be!

Well, seeing Gopi’s reaction everyone in the family start convincing Ahem that he should get Gopi back. Six years is too long for a separation and punishment. Especially, since it was a genuine accident. Well we are glad Gopi stood for herself. However, we wonder if Ahem will get Gopi back home or will he just file for Vidya’s custody? Guess we’ll have to watch to find that out!