Sachiin Joshi’s debut film ‘Aazaan’ in trouble

Crores have been spent not only on the making of the film, but also on its publicity campaigns. Unfortunately, the wrong people noticed it, and are creating trouble for filmmaker Prashant Chadha and his star

One of the most important factors that ensures a good opening for a film these days is controversy, but we aren’t totally sure how debutant actor Sachiin Joshi is feeling at the moment – thrilled or upset. Wherever you go, you can’t help but notice the posters of Aazaan, his first film. We just heard that the actor has received threats from some extremist groups claiming that the makers should change the name of the film or face dire consequences. Police security has been arranged outside the home and office of the actor, as the threats continue. A few multiplex owners too have been threatened with trouble if they screen Aazaan. The problem cited by the miscreants is the name of the film, which also means the ‘Islamic call to prayer’ and, as the trailer talks about biological warfare et al, these groups have decided to protest. We heard that the troublemakers want the film to be renamed ‘Aazaad’ or else they will not let the film be screened peacefully. The influential and wealthy Joshi family is using all its resources to put an end to this unwanted nuisance, but the fanatics are growing in number and the news will soon spread to other cities as well, they have warned. Wethinks Joshi can deal with this using his money muscle, but how will he please the critics who have already started sharpening their claws to rip the film apart?

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