Sachin Tendulkar to make his television debut!

The master blaster will be a part of an animated adventure television series for kids

Cricketers and movies don’t go well together considering the fact that any cricketer who has tried his hand at acting has failed miserably at it. But with Sachin Tendulkar, we know it’s going to be different.

The ace cricketer will be playing himself in an animated television series titled Master Blasters that will run for 26 episodes. In the series, Sachin will be seen mentoring a group of little boys on behalf of an all powerful body called The Programme for International Training of Cricket Heroes or PITCH. He will be teaching the kids at a futuristic cricket pitch that can fly anywhere! And like all stories, this one has a villain too named Peter, who will challenge Sachin to a cricket match.

The TV series will be in 3D. Well, wethinks this could work well considering Sachin won’t be acting in it. All of that will be done by his animated avatar which will make it a safe bet!