Sadda Haq: Will Randhir manage to break up Sanyukta’s engagement

Channel V’s popular daily soap is gearing up for major dramatic sequences ahead

Sadda Haq is currently witnessing Randhir’s dilemma about falling in love with Sanyukta Agarwal (Harshita Gaur) – his arch nemesis. For a long time, he has been denying his feelings for her and calling it just concern for another classmate.

However, when Sanyukta leaves FITE, Randhir (Param Singh) realises that he cannot live without her. He comes to the conclusion that it is indeed love and he can no longer fight it.

In the upcoming episodes, Randhir will barge into Sanyukta’s room when she is getting ready for her engagement function. Sanyukta will be shocked to see Randhir there and order him to leave at once. But Randhir will refuse to go, unless she promises to call off the engagement. Suddenly someone will knock on the door, forcing Sanyukta to promise Randhir that she will do as he asks.

Well we know Sanyukta is strong, but is she strong enough to cancel her own engagement and disappoint her parents? We have our doubts. Rumour suggests that Randhir will decide not to go back to FITE without Sanyukta and will try to create problems for her at home.

Will Randhir manage to break up Sanyukta’s engagement or not remains to be seen. Watch this space for more updates on Sadda Haq.