Sadda Haq: Will Sanyukta Agarwal figure out Parth Kashyap’s secret?

It has been established that every night after lights out someone sneaks out of the boys’ hostel in FITE to go somewhere, but who is it?

Sadda Haq’s Sanyukta Agarwal (Harshita Gaur) loves meddling in everyone’s business and her recent mission is to rescue Parth Kashyap (Ankit Gupta) from himself. When Sanyukta learns that Parth has been sneaking out every night to do something we’d normally not do during day time. The detective and inquisitive side of her decides to find out Parth’s motive. So she decides to follow him using GPS and she and her friends figure out Parth’s secret.

Apparently, Parth is part of some fight club. The dishy dude fights to accumulate fees for engineering college. When Professor Vardhan (Krip Suri) finds out, he advises Parth against doing so much harm to his body or his mind will not be able to keep up with him some day.

Everyone is aware that Parth started earning money as a roadside shoe polisher. While he has had a murky past juggling with crime, everyone is sympathetic towards him, especially Sanyukta.

We wait to see what the woman on a mission does to help Parth now. Keep watching this space for more updates.