Sadda Haq: Will Sanyukta manage to revive Parth’s lovelife?

Sadda Haq: Will Sanyukta manage to revive Parth’s lovelife?

The meddlesome girl loves poking her nose in other people’s business whether they like it or not and her latest agenda is to introduce love in Parth’s life

Sadda Haqs Parth Kashyap (Ankit Gupta) has seen some terrible times since his childhood. Hobnobbing with petty criminals and getting in and out of judicial care, life turns around when he meets the love of his life, Arpita. But fate plays a cruel game by taking her away from him.

Arpita is dead, or so Parth believes and since then, the dishy dude has been playing his guitar in her memory. He is distracted and behaves like the world is crushing him with its weight. When his classmate Sanyukta Agarwal (Harshita Gaur) notices this, she decides to help him out. And what best way than to reintroduce love in to his life.

While we would like to see Parth and Sanyukta together, the makers have chalked out a very different plan. According to reports, Arpita will re-enter his life. Initially, Parth will feel that he is hallucinating, but the truth of the matter is that Arpita will be right in front of him. The makers have roped in newcomer Varnica Singh to play Arpita in the daily soap. Looks like, the plot is finally getting interesting.

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  • sikandar

    oh hello, who wants to see Sanyukta with that Parth bhaiya. 90% of the audience want to see Randhir and Sanyukta. Dont write any rubbish. As for Parth, he dies or lives , nobody cares.

    • torsha body wants to see them together

    • reenas

      Exactly, kuch bhi likhte hain. Actually viewers are happy that Arpita is coming back which would mean no haddi(chipku Parth) for our SanDhir.

  • fatima

    Sarth n sandhir …they r any fans who wanted to see sayu parth n randhir lov triangle …

  • sandhir fan

    o plz we want sanyukta with randhir and not with parth ….get ur facts clear b4 writing

  • torsha

    sandhir is the plzz no more sanyukta and parth

  • Ankita

    Listen Nobody wants to see sanyukta with that parth……viewers are watching sadda haq show only for randhir and sanyukta okay……its better you not wrote these rubbish things again….Sadda Haq Show is only popular because of randhir and sanyukta

  • swagata

    seriously??who wants to see that parth with sanyukta?? actually majority of sadda haq fans don’t care about parth..he’s just a haddi in between don’t write any rubbish..actually sandhir fans r happy that arpita is back..that means sandhir is saved from that dukhiyari aatma parth -_-

  • CupCake

    Who the Hell wrote this stupid Article…Do you even See What you are writing…Have You lost your Freaking Mind or WHAT…RANDHIR and SANYUKTA are whom Everyone wants to see Together not ytour useless PARTH…RANDHIR and SANYUKTA are the lead couple of the show.They are who will always be together …heroine HERO K sath jaati h which is RANDHIR na ki kisi side Character k saath..not some bhai behen JODI atleast get your FACTS right before writing the article…SO CHECK BEFORE WRITING SUCH CRAP IN THE FUTURE !!

  • reenas

    I would rather want Parth to die or move out of the show along with his Arpita. Enough of that melodramatic queen Parth who is the most over the top and melodramatic character in the history of television. He can give any dukhiyari bahus of indian television a tough competition in crying. He has ruined the show.

  • Misha

    omg from what analysis have u decided that audience want to see sanyu and parth together….most of the people watch sadda haq for sandhir and not for that mithai ki dhukan…infact everyone is so happy for arpita’s entry atleast fevicol parth will be away from sanyukta….so analyse properly b4 stating anything in the article

  • Kiran Mohanty

    I want SanDhir….bt Love triangle between Randhir,Sanyukta & Parth will be more interesting..

  • Saiantini Dey

    If dat stupid Parth comes in front of me…i will jst say-Get out of d show or do what wotevr bt don becm haddi between sandhir…!!he is d most irritatng,anoyng n depressng character i hv seen yet!!but i mst say only bcuz of parth..feelngs fr sanyukta has generated in randhir’s heart!! bt still parth n his gf arpita both r dumb as well as irritatng!! if any want to see par6th n sanyukta together dn dey cn also go0 to hell wid parth n arpita!!!