Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor: shaadi or no shaadi?

It’s no secret that we’re waiting for the couple to confirm their wedding date. But looks like pyaar kiya toh darna kya isn’t a motto that these lovers believe in!

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have been one of the most stable couples in recent times. So when they declared that they planned to get married, we didn’t doubt that at all.

But from looking excited to seeming doubtful to finally calling off the October wedding…it sure looks like the two have changed their minds. But what’s stopping the two from tying the knot? Work related issues? Commitment blues? Or is destiny to be blamed?

Our tarot reader Shruti Chopra predicted a while back that “The King and Nine of Pentacles shows that work dominates their relationship. Even though marriage is on their mind, they can’t seem to give it priority. The concern is that if they don’t get married by March 2013 then it looks like it might be very difficult for the couple to tie the knot. The relationship won’t break, but the marriage may not happen. The Star advises quick action to solemnise their relationship, but before this, they need to gain better balance and prioritise their personal lives.” Sigh!

And on similar lines we saw that work indeed interfered with the couple’s decision to get married. Why, remember how KK was dropped from Sajay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela just ‘coz  “A Juliet, no matter how far removed from Shakespeare’s original vision of her, cannot be a married woman,” a source close to Bhansali had revealed?

What’s more, Saif insisted that he wholeheartedly understands Kareena’s dilemma and insecurity about her work post marriage. “Kareena just expresses that she’s conscious about this being a reality. And I try and assure her that it won’t impact her career. But she’s fairly realistic that in some ways it might and it will,” the Cocktail actor had confessed in an interview.

But will Saifu’s support soothe Bebo’s frayed nerves? And do you think that marriage for the two could happen before March 2013? We certainly doubt they will wait that long, but who knows! And if that’s the case, will Shruti Chopra’s predictions regarding this high-profile pairing come true?