Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor to get married!

While it’s no secret that Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have been going strong for a long time now, we often wondered why they were shying away from tying the knot. Finally, dear Saif has revealed the secret of this delay

Hold your breath dear readers, you are about to receive a wedding invitation that will surely bring a smile to your lips. Saif Ali Khan has finally broken the mysterious silence that surrounded his wedding plans with Kareena Kapoor. Saif recently confirmed that they will get married early next year, preferably in February or March, immediately after the completion of Agent Vinod. Hm, so it was this ‘agent’ who kept the two lovebirds from saying ‘I do’? Apparently, they were hoping to release the film this December and then get married next year, but the film’s been postponed again. It seems now that Agent Vinod really tested Saif’s patience, because our nawab has declared that he will get married to his lady love irrespective of whether the movie is completed or no. Now, that’s a good decision Saifoo. It’s always better to keep your personal and professional lives separate, so putting your marriage on hold for a certain agent was just not fair! Now that Saif is has decided to speak about Bebo, he can’t stop gushing about how lovely his to-be bride is, and how well she gets along with his family. We wonder if this is Saif’s way of preparing to be a good husband. Anyway, now that the realisation has dawned, we suggest Saif and Bebo don’t waste time putting up any more conditions to their marriage and tie the knot before they even think of reading another script. So guys and gals, gear up for what promises to be the biggest wedding in the history of Bollywood.