Saif Ali Khan aping Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar?

Sallu and Akki have always encouraged new talent and have launched many faces in Bollywood. And now following their footsteps is none other than the Nawab of Pataudi. We hear Saifu is all set to launch his wifey’s cousin Armaan in Bollywood. But the question is  – should he?

Saif Ali Khan seems to be inspired by his contemporaries Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. The Omkara actor is producing a film which will star newbie Armaan Jain. In a recent media statement Saif said, “For starters, I am co-producing a film with Armaan Jain (Kareena Kapoor’s cousin). It is being directed by Imtiaz Ali’s brother Arif.” Considering that Armaan is KKK’s cousin, we aren’t surprised that Saif is making his debut film. But we are certainly worried for Bebo’s brother. Well, Saif maybe a good actor but when it comes to star power and box office, he is nowhere close to the Bhai of Bollywood and Khiladi Kumar. One reason why Salman and Akki have been successful in launching newcomers is coz their superstar status. Even if they don’t feature in a film, their brand name is mighty that it’s enough to pull the crowds in the theatres. But with Saif – that’s not the case. Hence we feel Armaan maybe not be in the safest hands. Instead of launching a new face, Kareena’s hubby dearest should only concentrate on producing good films considering dearth of films under his belt. And if really wants to help someone than wethinks the Humshakals actor should try and resurrect his wifey’s going-down-the-hill filmi career, hai na?

As for Armaan Jain, our advice to the young lad is – watch Agent Vinod and you’ll agree with us!