Saif Ali Khan can’t stand other actors making love to Kareena

Recently crowned Nawab of Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan has started showing his over-possessive traits. In a chat show, the actor said he feels like killing anyone who holds his girlfriend, Kareena Kapoor

Now this comes from a lad whose mother, Sharmila Tagore broke many a ground by being ultra-progressive, whose sister, Soha Ali Khan is an actor herself, and we don’t even have to mention how many steamy scenes the Nawab himself has been an integral part of! Saif Ali Khan said on the Preity Zinta’s chat show, Up Close & Personal with PZ that he can’t stand the sight of Kareena making love to her male co-stars and at times feels like killing them. What was interesting in this conversation was Saif was quick to add that he’s certain, Kareena, feels the same when he romances on screen too. We have seen the actor lip-locking with Deepika Padukone several times in Love Aaj Kal and with Preity Zinta in Salaam Namaste to mention a few instances. And we never heard Kareena cribbing about this. In fact, Bebo has even gone on record to say that she is not bothered about Saif’s on screen romances; it’s after all part of the job. We are sure that most celeb-couples share the same concern about their spouses when it comes to filming love scenes, but Saif, wethink, is cool enough to display his insecurities without being overtly-macho. What do you think?