Saif Ali Khan claims he kills dead people: Go Goa Gone’s hilarious dialogues in translation

Those who have watched the trailer of Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming zombie flick will know why he has turned wacky in this comedy thriller

Illuminati Films’ Go Goa Gone is being touted as India’s first commercial masala comedy zombie flick, and from the captivating trailer, it looks like the audience is just a few weeks away from experiencing a good laughter ride. With some absolutely silly dialogues from Saif Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu, including cuss words like B******* and firangi laaye zombie, we can’t resist but translate them for you. Take a look!


India mein bhoot voot hote hain, yeh zombies kahaan se aa gaye? Globalisation, yeh firangiyo ne vaat laga di hai, pehle laaye HIV, abhi zombie!
India in ghost vost there, this zombies where come from? Globalisation, these foreigners have destroyed is, first got HIV, now zombie!


I kill dead people!
Main maarta hu murda log!


Abbe saale wahaan se yahaa aate aate g*** phat gayi hai aur ab tereko pahaad chadna hai?
Ohh idiot from there to here coming coming g*** tore apart is and now you mountain climb is?


Are you really Russian? Haan Delhi se hu B*******
Kya tu sachh mein Russian? Yes, from Delhi is I B*******


Bhains ki aankh… ab jungle ke beech mein khade hoke dumb charades toh nahi khelunga na
Buffalo’s eye… now forest’s center in standing dumb charades then no play na

The film starring Kunal Khemu and Vir Das paired for the first time is all set to release on May 10.