Saif Ali Khan: I saw my mother crying in a Hindi film and I stopped watching Bollywood movies

The Bullett Raja is in a tell-all mood

Saif Ali Khan is a Bollywood actor but in a recent interview he confessed that he does not watch Hindi films. The reason – Nawab doesn’t really like ronaa-dhonaa. While he thinks highly of his mother as an actor, he did tell that it was her onscreen crying that made him stop watching Hindi movies.“I don’t watch Hindi films! I don’t know why. During my childhood days, I remember watching Doordarshan and Nirupama Roy crying on screen. That time I decided to watch (Hindi) comedy films.  Then I saw my mother’s (Sharmila Tagore) film…even she was crying, and I didn’t want to see her crying, so I stopped watching it. When I started working in films, after shooting in them, I wanted to see something different. So I don’t watch Hindi films. I respect cinema but I don’t watch Hindi films because I want to escape from my work after I finish working.”

Saif Ali Khan