Saif Ali Khan: Kareena Kapoor has a lot of screen presence in ‘Agent Vinod’

The actor says audiences should not come to see a real-life couple together onscreen, but two actors in a film

Saif Ali Khan feels that fans are going to love his actor girlfriend Kareena Kapoor in Agent Vinod. Saif is happy that he pulled out Kareena out of her comfort zone to work in the spy thriller. “What’s interesting for me is to take an artiste like her out of her comfort zone. She naturally prefers to do love stories and the kind of characters that she has played – like Geet (Jab We Met) and like the recent one with Imran Khan (Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu),” said Saif who is expected to marry Kareena by the end of this year. “But to take her to action-adventure and a slightly edgy space the way Sriram Raghavan has presented her…I think it’s great fun for her fans and for us to watch because it’s a different space and I think she has got a lot of screen presence. When you put her in a space like this, I think it’s fun and different. So, it’s a nice change,” he added.

This is Saif and Kareena’s third film together after Tashan and Kurbaan and none of them did well at the box office. “People should never come to watch off-screen couples on screen. People should come to see two actors on screen. They should come to see a director’s film, they should come and watch the movie. What’s happening behind the camera is supposed to be by the way,” the 41-year-old said in an interview.

“The problem is that what’s happening behind the scene comes on the foreground and becomes more important than anything else. Then people’s expectations change and that overshadows everything, which is why we thought it would be sensible to promote the film separately as actors,” he added. Directed by Sriram Raghavan, Agent Vinod also stars Ram Kapoor, Shahbaz Khan, Prem Chopra among others and hits theatres Friday.